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Even Google uses direct mail to sell you online ads! Isn’t that surprising?

The biggest Internet giant uses old school mail to get your attention. Why?

Because they are struggling to get your attention ONLINE. It’s too crowded….too busy….too confusing….….too overwhelming.

With Billions of Websites, banner ads, links and pop-op boxes interrupting you online; it’s a wonder you can focus at all!

So, what can you do to get noticed?

Be where nobody else is.
Do what your competitors are NOT doing.
Stand out from all others.

Here’s what I mean. When I bought my BMW, I knew I was “invited” into the clique.

I received a personal thank-you note in the mail, I received a really nice gift in the mail and I’ve received invitations to their events to upgrade my BMW… in the mail.

The key words here are “in the mail”.

They also send me emails; however, I get over 100 a day so I’m not opening their emails because I’m too busy trying to get through the ones I really need to read.

However, nowadays, when I go to the mailbox, I’m actually excited to see mail because I get so little of it.

Of course, I throw away the obvious credit card solicitations and the grocery store throw-a-ways, but I eagerly look for anything interesting to read.

So that got me thinking….

How could you get quality “virtual” 1-on-1 time with a patient or prospective patient when they are ONLY focused on you?

Answer?  When they are reading good quality mail from you.

So I dug deeper into direct mail stats and here are 4 facts  that might interest you:

Direct Mail Fact #1:

50% of consumers say they pay more attention to postal mail than E-mail.
– Epsilon Channel Preference Study

Direct Mail Fact #2:

-60% of consumers say they enjoy checking their mailbox and receiving mail.

– Epsilon Channel Preference Study

Direct Mail Fact #3:

98% of consumers retrieve their mail from the mailbox the day it is delivered, and 77% sort through it that same day.

– USPS data, reported in DM NEWS

Direct Mail Fact #4:

Tangible materials such as direct-mail trigger a much deeper level of emotional processing and generated more activity in the brain.

–    “Using Neuroscience To Understand The Role of Direct-Mail”, from a study by Bangor University and Millward Brown


I also learned that for every month your patient database list is ignored, you lose 10% of those patients. How much is that worth to you?

$1,000? $10,000? $100,000?

To help you better understand how this median could attract more patients to you, I have put together a workshop to show you exactly
how you, too, can use direct mail profitably so you:

– See a patient surge without lifting a finger
– Reconnect with patients you haven’t seen for awhile
–    Keep your revenues consistent every month (to avoid dips)
–    Encourage your patients to return and refer without pushing     them

This Webinar is no longer available, please check out our online store for tools to  help you with patient attraction, conversion, follow up and retention.

“Google Uses Direct Mail. Should You?” Workshop