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There’s a pretty good chance you don’t guarantee your surgeries so please hear me out.

Consumers in general are skeptical.  Patients are even more so since they want to know they’ll get a good result and they won’t have buyer’s remorse. They don’t know whom to trust and often have a tough decision to make between several practices.  So how can you stand out?

Offer something your competitors don’t and watch your conversions grow.  Offer a guarantee they will be happy with their result or you’ll throw in a revision for up to one year.  However, put parameters around it.  They must adhere to your directions, show up for their appointments and agree to communicate.

You probably do this anyway if a patient is unhappy so offer it up front to take away their fear of making a mistake by going with you versus someone else. And it tells your prospective patient you’re confident in your ability and that builds their trust in you.

So even if 1 out of 100 take advantage of it and you lose a little money, you’ll get 10x more conversions and 10x more profits by offering something unique. Try it!


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