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Ask CatherineHeat Up Cosmetic Profits This Summer

This Week’s Question:

Heat Up Cosmetic Profits This Summer

Dear Catherine,

Summer can wreak havoc on my budget. Things slow down in my practice but I still need to pay overhead like staff and rent.  What can I do to keep my revenues up this Summer so I don’t fall behind?

Dr. G

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. G,

Yes, Summer can deter cosmetic patients from seeing you….OR NOT.

It’s really up to you.

What I mean is, even though Summer is heating up, your phones don’t have to cool down. You just need to be more creative in your patient-attraction strategies.

Granted, some cosmetic patients want to be outside playing in shorts and bathing suits and will shy away from rejuvenation this time of year.

But there are as many prospective patients who DO WANT rejuvenation during Summer. Times have changed thanks to social, economic and technical trends today. For example…

  • Certain professions, such as teachers, only have time off now;
  • Lots of family and friend events like weddings and barbecues to    attend and look great for;
  • Kids stay with their Dad all summer so Mom has “me time”;
  • Latest technologies offer results with minimal downtime;
  • Quarterly bonus payout pays for enhancements;
  • Suddenly single or job hunting

The point is that the demand for rejuvenation is YEAR-ROUND, although it can fluctuate depending on your target patients. Here are simple Summer Tips to heat up your revenues:

Very Special Summer Specials

You may need to try harder in the Summer to get your patients off the lawn chair and into your office so use logical as well as compelling reasons for them to visit you NOW rather than later in the year.

Heat Up Cosmetic Profits This Summer

Summer Liquid Facelift

Heat Up Cosmetic Profits This Summer

Your Summer Lip Kit









For example:

Offer your patients the facelift alternative with a temporary liquid facelift instead. They will get a fantastic “lift” for the Summer with no or minimal downtime and this can lead to surgery later in the year.

Or, give them the lips they always wanted. You can even bundle it with summer skin care products and protective lip gloss and give it a theme – “Your Summer Lip Kit” so they feel sexy this Summer and come back for even more in a few months.

Do the same with no downtime fat reduction treatments. Patients are forever trying to slim down all year so help them with your minimally-invasive treatments that can give them the confidence they need to get into a bathing suit or shorts.


Surgical Summer Special Promotion

Heat Up Cosmetic Profits This Summer

Surgical Summer Promo

Mail a personalized, private letter to patients and prospective patients who are interested in surgical or big-ticked procedures but are still thinking about it.

Be transparent and tell them since things slow down in the summer, you are able to extend a very special “Summer Surgery Gift Card” towards the procedure they’ve been thinking about. This might be just what they needed to jump off the fence and say YES!

Spread the Word

Cosmetic patients can be a lot more active in the Summer with their friends and family so this is the great time to get them to spread the word about you and your practice.

Put this “Buddy Botox”promotion in place for the Summer. Keep it simple: Your patient brings a friend with them to their next Botox appointment and they both get an instant gift card towards their treatment. You now have a happy returning patient AND a new patient. That was easy!

Heat Up Cosmetic Profits This Summer

Buddy Botox Summer Promo







Want More?

Discover a lot more Sizzling Summer Strategies to keep you and your staff busy and your revenues flowing this Summer….

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