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Your revenues can plummet in the Summer.
Your phones can stop ringing.
Your aesthetic patients can stop visiting.
Your staff can stand around doing nothing and still get paid.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

After working with aesthetic patients for the past 19 years and watching how practices
handle the dips and flows, here’s what I know for sure…

The most successful practices DO SOMETHING to avoid the summer slump!
They don’t just accept things slow down.
They switch gears and keep going.

Here’s the good news…

Times have changed. Whatever used to be true about cosmetic patients years ago is
different now thanks to social, economic and technical trends today.

For example…

  • Patients may be newly single and want to look their best
  • Kids stay with their Dad all summer so Mom has “me time”
  • The patient’s Mom can stay with them during recovery
  • Business slows down so it’s the only time of year to take time off work
  • Latest technologies offer results with minimal downtime
  • Half-year or quarterly bonus payout pays for enhancements
  • Divorce settlement comes in and pays for enhancements

The point is, the demand for rejuvenation is YEAR-ROUND and that includes the hot summer months.

Yes, things can slow down in the aesthetic industry during Summer…
….especially if you don’t do anything.

Now is the time to proactively attract your current patients, and their friends, back for
more cosmetic rejuvenation.

Here are 3 Cosmetic Patient Summer Marketing
Tips to heat up your revenues:

Summer Packages

Offer a complimentary face/body consultation along with a skin analysis/computer imaging session, a facial or micro-penning treatment and a sunscreen product.

Bundle it all for an attractive price and give it a theme – Your Summer Skin Kit, or Summer Beauty Bundle.

Make it for a limited time this summer so there is urgency built in.This could be just what they needed to jump out of the pool to call you. 

And here’s the best part….

They have a little treatment now and, hopefully, a bigger surgical procedure in the Fall.

Surgical Special for Educators

One popular summer audience is anyone in the educational system such as teachers and professors that have the summer off. 

This is the only time of year they can afford the downtime so offer them your “Summer Surgery for Educators” special.

This can include a hard-dollar gift card towards surgery or special financing or whatever makes it attractive for them to decide now before Summer fades away.

Summer Skin Series

Let your skin care staff do the heavy lifting during the summer while you relax for a

Have them conduct Summer Fun Events in your office for small groups of patients and
their friends. They learn about cool ways to have beautiful skin during the hot days of

Your staff can demonstrate peels and micro-penning, they can explain how to change
makeup for summer tans, how to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun, etc. 

Your vendors would love to help with this so get them involved. They have lots of
resources to help you such as effective marketing strategies and tchotchkes.

You, the surgeon, can be available afterwards to field any questions or just be available
for 1-on-1 face time with patients who want to say hello to you. 

This could be just what they needed to seriously consider taking the next step towards

Want more patient attraction ideas?

There are plenty on my website so go to www.CatherineMaley.com.

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