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Have you ever wondered which Aesthetic Practice Websites convert best, and what they’re doing right?

Many people immediately name Amazon as one of the highest converting sites based on the sheer variety alone and the volume of products it ships. That’s true but there selling products and you’re selling services so I took some of their strategies and tweak them.  Here’s what you can do to help improve your own conversion rates.

Conversion Strategy #1 – Make Your Site Incredibly Easy and Straightforward to Search and Browse

Give your prospective patients EASY navigation so they can get right to the procedure they are interested in without a lot of clicking.  Be sure to include patient reviews and ratings for that procedure, lots of before/after photos for that procedure, as well as a large call-to-action button that should be to contact you immediately.

Conversion Strategy #2 – Fix your broken 404 Pages

Missing Web pages and broken links send prospective patients running from your Website to your competitors. The Internet has created an entire ADD-mindset so your visitors must get immediate information from you or they will leave.

It happens all the time… you set up your site, move things around, delete old posts and stuff gets lost. Then you get a new Webmaster or a new hosting service and too many cooks are in the kitchen and what’s left are links going NOWHERE.

Have your current technical people do a search on your website for broken links and missing Web pages.  Then, at least redirect them to your home page or add your menu of services so the prospective patient can get back to the procedure they were interested in.

Better yet, add an opt-in box so your visitor can ask you questions and interact with you.

Conversion Strategy #3 –  Bump Up Your Copy & Graphics

Write Like You Talk

Too many aesthetic practice Websites I go to sound like a boring brochure. They talk in an impersonal voice and use medical jargon no layperson understands. Very bad…

Instead, try this. Use short sentences and stick to simple words. No need to write to show off your medical vocabulary (you’ll lose everyone but your colleagues).  The key is to express yourself in a way that even a 5-year old can understand.  If your copy lacks clarity, you’re making your prospective patients work too hard.

Use Graphics to Get Attention

Some of the highest converting pages make use of an oversized graphic with a call to action. Why? Because getting the visitor’s attention and getting them involved in browsing the site is only the first step – but it’s an important one.

It’s just a matter of putting the user first.  Using large graphics of each body part so they see what they want and then use call-to-action buttons to show them the next step; i.e.,  Click Here, Continue, Enter Now.

More Before/After Photos

90% of aesthetic practice Websites I visit DO NOT have enough before/after photos. The aesthetic patient who is trying to determine if YOU are the right choice needs proof.  Proof is simple as photos of other patients similar to them who got a great result.  They need/want to identify with someone else so load up your Website with different demographics of patients.

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