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You get quality referrals by offering quality.  The quality of your materials, your receptionist, your staff, your office, you and your services all dictate your values and what you deem important.  If you have the finest quality everything – you will attract patients who see that as attractive and be drawn to you (this will also deter patients who are uncomfortable with quality and just want cheap).  So, use quality to attract quality.

Then, by all means, when you do attract a quality patient to you, do everything humanly possible to keep them loyal to you.  These patients can be golden to you so build a golden fence around them to they stay, pay and refer their other like-minded friends.  Suggestions include inviting them to be an exclusive member of your VIP Club where they get special perks and invite them to be part of your Aesthetic Advisory Board so they can offer feedback and, of course, have them bring a friend so they, too, can get to know you.

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