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Hiring the right patient care coordinator can be a game changer in a plastic surgery practice. They can turn things around in a month when you find a coordinator with the skills, expertise and drive needed to convert consultations.

This position cannot be taken lightly. You may think anyone can step in to do the job of a coordinator but you would be sorely mistaken

Converting consultations is an art and trained skill. Just like surgery. It takes knowledge, then applied action and then lots of practice.

But the patient care coordinator position first requires someone with a great attitude and the right mindset to persevere in the face of resistance. So, this special person also needs the people skills to make a prospective cosmetic patient comfortable and trusting enough to make a decision to have their surgery with you.

Given the above, do you have the right patient care coordinator representing you?

Here are the 3 biggest hiring mistakes
plastic surgeons make:

Hiring too fast just to fill the position

A vacancy in your practice causes pressure. It’s like a gaping hole needing
to be filled. So what do you do? You throw an ad up, meet a few people
and pick the best of them and, poof! You’re all set.

Sometimes, you get lucky and it works out. Most often, though, you learn
weeks into it, they’re not a great fit. But someone is better than no one so
you put up with this bad hire for far too long.  They bring drama and
negativity to the office and the other staff. They create angst for you.
They waste your time.

Not researching the candidate thoroughly

Because you’re feeling pressure to fill the position, you meet this person
that seems like a good fit but they tell you they are interviewing with
others and need to make a decision soon. So you skip the formalities of
calling their references or researching them online.

So you offer them the position, they take it and now its two months later
and they are pushing for a raise, free services and time off. You come to find
out from your wrinkle filler vendor that this person was let go from the last
practice for these same reasons. If only you had known before wasting all of
this time and money…

Being vague about what you are looking for

If you’re frustrated with your new hire because they can’t do half of what
you thought they should be able to do, that leads to even more frustration
and wasted time. Now you are paying them to “learn on the job” and that
slows down your process and results.

The reason you’re in this situation is due to poor communication. Whatever
you asked for in your ad was either too vague or didn’t specifically ask for the
skills, expertise and qualifications you are looking for in that position.

There has to be a better way…..and there is.

Let me find and train a converting rock star for you.

One that knows how to get to a YES in a friendly, effective and professional way.

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