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This Week’s Question: Hiring Great Staff

Dear Catherine,

I have two great staff people who have been with me for more than 10 years. They are loyal and trustworthy and have been terrific with administrative work and assisting me in the OR.

However, the rest of the staff turns over often.  I need great staff that is good at patient relations, phones, marketing, and converting consultations.  When I interview people for these positions, they talk a good game but rarely deliver what they promise.

This staff turnover is costing me time and money. Where do I find productive staff and how do I know they are a great fit for my practice?

Dr. C

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. C,

That’s a great question that every practice has grappled with at one time or another.

Your staff can make or break your practice – period! They are spending more time with your patients than you are so how do you ensure you have great staff representing you?

First, you need to find the A-players that make up your Patient-Attraction Team.

Second, you need to ask the right questions during the interview to learn who these people are and if they would be a good fit for you.  These are powerful questions you ask during your initial phone interview as well as follow-up questions you ask during their in-person interview. They are thought provoking and will get the applicant to “think on their feet”.

I’ve listed the interviewing questions in my recent article published in Surgical Aesthetics to help you identify A-Players you need in your practice.






































































What has worked well for you to find your own great staff?


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