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It’s a cosmetic practice game changer when you hire a patient
coordinator with the right character, skills and experience.

They can take your practice revenues from “just enough to pay the bills” to a windfall every month because they know how to book surgeries!

So instead of dreading another disappointing day of consults who have to “think about it”, you now see your schedule fill up with high-ticket procedures so you can exhale with a sigh of relief that all will be fine.

It will be more than fine when the right coordinator is in place. You have a new surge
of energy and excitement because you see the tides shift and the clouds part because
you and your coordinator work together as a team to convert consults.

If you want that for yourself, it’s not a pipe dream – it’s a process.

Here are the steps for finding your own converting rock star:

Get clear who would be a great coordinator

You are not only looking for someone who knows how to convert but who also shares
the same core values you do. For example, one of your core values is superior customer
service; however, this coordinator has no follow through skills so it’s not a good fit.

Here’s a quick exercise to help…

Think back to the greatest coordinator you had and what made them that? Or, if you never
had a great coordinator, what characteristics would they need to be great in your practice?
Integrity? Initiative? Able to anticipate needs? Excellent customer service representative?
and so on.

What are you willing to pay?

While you never want to overpay on the hire, you don’t want to underpay either because
rock stars want to be compensated for their excellence (just like you do).

A fair base plus bonus structure for going above and beyond what’s expected works well
for the overachiever. They love a challenge and are not afraid to work for it.

Don’t forget to list all of the perks in addition to their pay that add up to lots of value such
as personal time off, vacation days, health benefits, additional training and free treatments.

Write a Killer Ad

Write like you talk. Tell the world exactly WHO you are and WHAT you are looking for and
what you have to offer them in return.

Explain the vision you have for your practice. Be specific about what you expect from them
to help get you to the next level.

Put the Word Out

Use the online job platforms available today such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter but don’t
forget about the most obvious channels such as your vendors, current patients, friends
of staff or excellent service providers you frequent that are ready for a career change.

Have Many Interactions with the Applicants

There are many people who interview well but that’s about it. You need someone who is
consistent and tenacious so include many points of contact with the applicant to see how
well they respond.

Have your staff make an introductory call to learn the basics of the applicant and clarify
the essentials such as this is a full time position and they must have a car, for example.

If all goes well, schedule a longer phone interview with staff or your manager who will
ask more in-depth questions such as:

  • What are your career goals?
  • What was your favorite job to date and why?
  • What was your least favorite job to date and why?
  • Who was your favorite boss and why?
  • Who was your least favorite boss and why?
  • What are your top 3 skills?

If all goes well, have them send in a 1-minute video explaining why they are perfect for
this position. Or at least do a face time interview with them so you can see for yourself
how they look and act to help ensure they are a good fit.

Now have them come into your practice to meet you and other key players. Ask them
the same questions to be sure they are being consistent but add more such as:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me your biggest accomplishments.
  • Tell me your biggest failure and what you learned from it.
  • What will your last boss say about you when we check?

The point is to ask questions and then sit back and let them talk. The more they talk, the
more you learn about their character and how they handle pressure.

Check References and Online Presence

Have your staff check the references they listed but if they did work for another surgeon,
call them personally to learn more.

Your staff also needs to research them online to see what they are like outside of work 😉

Have Them Take a Personality Test

This is optional but helpful. Have the applicant take any of these tests to determine even
more about their character and money mindset: Kolbe.com, Disc.com and Wealth

If all goes well, offer them the position, get everything in writing so there is no room for
miscommunication and you both sign it.

I realize this takes time and effort to do it right but it will save you massive amounts of
money, time and hassle down the road when you have the RIGHT coordinator on board.


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