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How would you like to hold a fun patient event that brings in $45,000+ in just 2-3 hours?  You can and it’s pretty simple.
Patient Events, done right, can be the foundation of your successful cosmetic practice.

They can increase your name recognition in your community.
They can be the answer to strategic alliances who can refer to you.
They can wake up your current patients who would return for more services if they only knew.
They can reawaken your long-lost patients.

Best of all, they can add new excitement to your staff and your practice because you will see revenue-producing results with a lot LESS effort.

We all know how difficult it’s getting to grab the attention of the prospective patient so it’s time to
be way more strategic so you not only get their attention, you compel them to say YES.

You have a choice.

You can continue to work hard for each new patient who may come… and go…


You can work smart for a patient procedure that flows into a lifetime patient who returns to you for years to come and who brings you their friends, family and co-workers because, they too, want to get to know you and your services.

Now that you know WHY, here are (3) pointers to help you set up your
own profitable patient event:

Choose Your Theme Wisely

Decide what this event is all about so it attracts the right audience.
Cosmetic patients today are inundated with things to do so the more
specific you can be, the better chance you have of getting the right
patients to your event.

It can be a theme to do with the time of year such as “Spring is Here,
Time to Rejuvenate” or it can be a fun theme like “Girls Night Out”
which is always a good one. Or, it can be an overall theme like, “Our
Annual Patient Appreciation Event”.

Keep Them Busy While At Your Event

One of the objectives of the event is to educate the attendees on
cosmetic services they want or would want – if they only knew about
them. If you’ve ever heard your patients say, “I didn’t know you did
that”, that means you want to bump up your educational materials.

However, you want to promote in a fun way so your guests don’t feel
like they are being “sold” to. Use other communication channels
such as computer imaging, skin analysis and digital photo frames to
show off your work in a non-threatening way.

Follow-Up After the Event

This is where most practices fall short. They are just relieved the
event is over and they can get back to work and put their office back
in order.

However, this is just the beginning. You did the hard part, which was
getting prospective patients in to spend time with you. Now be sure
they come back! Collect their contact information so you can thank
them for coming, welcome them back to your practice, get their
feedback and stay in touch.

My next Webinar “Easy Steps to your own $45,000 Patient Event” will lay all of this out for you in great detail.

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