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Ask CatherineEasy “Holiday Gift Giving” to Grow Your Cosmetic Practice

This Week’s Q&A Topic: Easy “Holiday Gift Giving” to Grow Your Cosmetic Practice 

This Week’s Question:

Dear Catherine,

I receive new patient referrals from some of the neighboring businesses around me during the year.  Should I do something for them for the Holidays? If so, what would be appropriate?

Thank you and Happy Holidays –

Dr. B

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. B,

The Holidays are the perfect time to strengthen your relationships. Not just with your family but also with your practice alliances that send you new cosmetic patients throughout the year.

Your practice alliances could be the aesthetician who refers a couple of her clients regularly, the non-competing physician who refers a steady amount of his own patients, or the hair stylist who is a regular, profitable referral source for you.

Have you reached out to thank them for their referrals?
Do they know how much you appreciate their referrals?

If not, drop everything, read this and do something about thanking these referral sources!

Your practice advocates most likely are happy to refer you patients because they like you, trust your work and they know you’ll take good care of their own patients, clients and customers.

However, people can be petty. That means if you take them for granted, there’s a good chance their referrals will dry up because you aren’t acknowledging them. Even worse, your competitor could swoop in and win them over and now you’ve lost them and their valuable referrals.

There’s a saying, “Behavior that is rewarded is repeated” so here’s a simple and easy way to thank your referral alliances this Holiday Season:

Easy “Holiday Gift Giving” to Grow Your Cosmetic Practice


Easy “Holiday Gift Giving” to Grow Your Cosmetic Practice









Order one of these or google, “Holiday Gift Baskets” and pick something that is big, eye-catching and, preferably, edible so they will share it.

Now have it delivered to their place of business early in the week so it’s on display for all to see. Their customers, clients and patients will comment on it and that starts a discussion about YOU.

Your alliances will also remember this goodwill gesture for a long time.

This took less than 10 minutes to order, cost $50-$200 and the benefits are priceless.

Order yours today and Happy Holidays!

How do you thank your cosmetic practice alliances?


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