How Can “NO” be Worth $200,000 to You?

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I got so much great feedback from my post “How to Follow Up AFTER the Consult, that I wanted to go deeper into it because there is so much missed opportunity here.  

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Because when you look at how many consultations you’ve done that never resulted in a paid procedure, how much was that worth to you?

$50,000? $100,000? $200,000?

That is NO exaggeration. If you are in solo practice, here is a typical scenario:

Clinic Days  =                   2 days per week

5 Consults Per day   =     10 Consults per week

4 weeks per month =      40 consults per month

Close 50% on average = 20 closed

That leaves 20 No’s or “I’ll think about it”

BUT, what if you knew how to follow-up strategically so you converted 20% of those No’s into Yes’s
And your Average Procedure Value = $5K

So, 20% of the 20 No’s is 4 x $5,000 = $20,000

That means No’s are now worth =  $20K/month or $240,000 Per Year!

So can THIS really be true?

You might say: “The quality of the patients was poor.” or “ They couldn’t afford it” or “They were just price-shoppers”…. however, my case studies have shown otherwise.

At least 20% of those “No” patients will return when your staff follows up systematically.

Make an extra $200K per year with an automatic system for patients who didn’t book 

Think about this:

Not following up on consultations is like running your heaters on full blast with the doors and windows opened during a Chicago snowstorm!

And a simple “tweak” could fix the problem within minutes: Just close the doors and windows. Or in your case: Just implement a strategic follow-up system that your staff can use to convert prospective patients who already came in for a consultation into a YES!

I know you don’t like to think you and your staff are “selling your services” – and you don’t have to!

Look at it THIS way:

If you truly believe you are the BEST CHOICE over your competitors and KNOW the patient will be better off with you than someone else, it’s a DISSERVICE to the patient if you DON’T do what you can to get them to a yes, isn’t it?

How would you feel if they went on price alone and now have bad scarring and a mediocre result because you didn’t do everything you could to show them that YOU are their best choice?

And all you need to do, is give your staff the tools, templates and words to say – and let THEM follow up easily and confidently with prospective patients after a consult.

And that’s exactly what I’ll give you in my upcoming online training.

To get more proven, “Follow-Up AFTER the Consultation That Didn’t Book” strategies,

Join me on my next Online Training: 

“How to Follow-Up AFTER the Consult”

In this training, you and your staff will discover:

–    What you can do to get the prospective patient to take your follow-up phone calls or call you back excited to speak with you;

–    The number of times you should follow-up before you become pesky and ruin the new relationship you have with the prospective patient;

–    What the prospective patient wants from you to help them decide if they should choose you or your competitor and so much more.

I’ll “see” you there.

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How to you currently follow-up with a consult who didn’t book?
Is it working?

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