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Did the year run out faster than you expected and now you’re behind in the
numbers you forecasted?

Perhaps you had a slow summer and Fall didn’t pick up like it usually does or pick up enough to get you back on track.

Or maybe your key revenue-generating staff member left and took some of your patients with them. Ugh!

It doesn’t really matter at this point. All that matters is what you’re going to do about it now.

Your first instinct may be to run special promotions to attract new patients
to the practice.

But you’ve probably tried that in the past and it may have bombed so I don’t 
want you to throw any more money at marketing that doesn’t work.

However, because there is so much noise out there, it’s a big deal to get a
prospective stranger cosmetic patient’s attention.

These would-be patients have to stop long enough to see you, hear your
and respond to it by contacting you.

Then they have to show up and say yes to you. It is no easy task to make
all of that happen.

You will need an exciting and compelling promotion to get a response.

Just be sure it includes all the right elements such as a great message, social proof and especially a “Call to Action” to:

#1) Get the viewer to respond now rather than to ignore your message or procrastinate and forget to respond at all;

#2) Collect the prospective patients’ contact information so you can follow up with them; and

#3) Track your results so you know it was/wasn’t worth the time,
money and effort put into it.

I have tested many Special Promotion strategies throughout my 18 years
and here’s what has proven to double your revenues fast…

Think Different – Do Different

The trick is to go around the noise rather than compete with it.

Cosmetic patients are being deluged with all sorts of messages that grab
attention and keep them distracted.

This puts them in “reaction” mode and keeps them clicking around like
crazy on 
anything that interests them or catches their eye.

On the one hand, that can be good because you got their attention. On the
other hand, it can be fleeting since they quickly start clicking again….(sigh)

Here’s the solution…..

Don’t do what everybody else is doing. You won’t stand out. You won’t be
heard and you won’t be compelling enough for patients to respond to you.

Rather than throw a bucket of money at Internet marketing with generic 
messages going out into the entire world to see if anybody
“Stops – Reads – Responds” to it, be strategic.

Choose Your “Preferred” Cosmetic Patients First

This is going to seem counterintuitive to you, but you first reach out to
easiest audience you have. Who is that, you ask?

It’s the patients who already know, like and trust you. They are 20x more
to respond to what you have to say than a stranger who doesn’t know

Not sure about that? See for yourself. When you pull a “revenues by referral
report, you will typically find that at least 50%-70% of the revenues
came from 
the relationships you already have with patients.

They return for more and refer their friends and give you great reviews
(more referrals) so start there.

Extreme Messaging

Think of this as sniper shots vs. cannon explosion.

When you shoot a vague message out into the world to attract everybody, 
you miss the mark.

It’s so general; it didn’t attract anybody because it’s not talking to anybody
about anything specifically.

Instead, you send a very specific message to a very specific group of the most
likely potential cosmetic patients who would be interested in that particular

Now you gain their attention because you are talking directly to them and
addressing a conversation they are already having with themselves.

This works better because you have risen above the noise and the endless
barrage of messages and you focused.

In this case, less REALLY IS more. You will spend less money but get a much
better result because you went for Quality 
rather than Quantity.

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Are YOU on target to reach your 2018 revenue goals?
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