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How painful is it to do a full day of new patient consultations and NOT book any of them of them for surgery?  Then not knowing how to follow up on plastic surgery leads?

The excuses are endless and go like this:

– I gotta think about it.
– My husband and I need to talk about this before deciding.
– My calendar isn’t with me so I’ll get back to you.
– I don’t think my credit is great so I need to get my finances in order.

What the heck? You feel like you wasted your valuable time and that you’re going around in circles, right?

Now you hope your staff can follow up with these consults to get an answer. Otherwise, you most likely move on to the next consult and hope for better results.

Why don’t cosmetic patients book with you?

Since cosmetic rejuvenation is a very personal as well as emotional decision, there are all sorts of reasons why your prospective cosmetic patients don’t book surgery….

–  Maybe the downtime was too much for them.

–  Maybe the reality of surgery and general anesthesia
scared them.

–  Maybe they felt they couldn’t afford it or didn’t have a
way to comfortably pay for it.

Or, maybe, just maybe:

  • They got bad news that morning and weren’t in the right mind frame; or
  • Their office called them while they were driving in the car to see you and they need to put out a fire as soon as they get back to the office; or
  • Their friend or husband gave them a hard time when they told them they were going to meet you;
  • Or a dozen other benign things could have happened that had nothing to do with you.

It could have had everything to do with their frame of mind at the time of the consult with you that prevented them from making a decision then and there.

The point is you could have done everything right but for some reason, they would not book.

Just know this… people change, their moods change, and their
circumstances change, so you can never assume anything.  

Their reluctance to say yes to you at the consultation could be a simple, “Not Now” or “Not Yet”. You just don’t know.

So, what happens next? Here’s where it gets interesting.

The stats show that:

  • 48% of staff NEVER follow up
  • 64% of practices do NOT have any organized system to follow up
  • Only 25% of staff make 2 contact attempts

That’s the bad news but it’s also good news for you.

This is a game changer and an opportunity to dominate the plastic surgery market if you follow up better than your competition. Here’s how:

The irony of following up:

The probability of getting a YES INCREASES the more you reach out to the prospective patient….
BUT the odds of your staff making those calls DECREASES as time goes by.











The point is….Your staff is giving up way too early!

The prospective patient could have been ready to say yes on that next follow up call so you blew it!

So, how to follow up on plastic surgery leads is easier than you think once you think differently.

Here’s what you do to help your staff help you convert more:

Change their mindset to change your results.
Change the term “leads” to “conversations”

Your staff needs to have many “conversations” because many of the leads are not ready YET, but they will be or could be if nurtured.

Don’t treat these as pushy “sales calls”.
Treat them as “courtesy service calls”.

Hot Tip:

Do NOT let your staff follow up by saying what your competitors’ mediocre staff says and that is,

“I’m just following up to see if you have any more questions.”

 Instead, you are much more professional and strategic.
That means your staff makes “courtesy service calls” to have a conversation like this with the prospective patient:

“Hello Susan, this is Karen from Dr. X”s office. I wanted to get your feedback from our meeting on Tuesday.
Do you now have enough information to move forward?
If so, I still have (2) surgical dates next month on the 7th or 20th.
Do either of those work for you?”

 Now be quiet and let the prospective patient talk. They could pick one of those dates or ask a question and that moves them forward to a YES!

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