How To Follow Up With Prospects Without ‘Scaring’ The Patient Away

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If you have spent the time to bond with the patient and truly listen to them, they’ll tell you what they think, how they feel and where they’re at in the buying decision.  It’s when you haven’t built a relationship with the patient that you feel like you’re chasing them down for an answer.

If the patient tells you they have to “think about it”, try to think with them.  Ask what their sticking points are so you can address them.  Then, ask if there’s anything else since it often takes a couple of questions to get to the real objection. If that doesn’t help, set up a follow up day and time before they leave the office, while they are sitting in front of you, so they expect your call.

Another follow-up idea that works well is to leave out one important point from your consultation with the patient so you can follow-up and let them know you forgot to tell them something.  This could be just what they needed to jump off the fence.


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