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Increase Your Aesthetic Profits by $3,000-$36,000
Per MonthWithout Hiring Additional Staff
or Spending a Fortune on Advertising

  • Stop attracting patients who want to play “Let’s Make a Deal” with you and start attracting patients who want to connect with a truly skilled aesthetic physician – YOU!
  • Turn your staff into Revenue-Generating Rock Stars rather than overhead burdens on your bottom line so they professionally promote you and your services so the patients say YES to your offerings; and
  • Plug up the gaping holes in your schedule caused by No-Show shoppers who don’t show up for their appointments and leave you hanging;
  • If you added up all the wasted money you’ve spent and the expensive countless hours you’ve wasted testing and trying new ways to attract patients to you, would it be in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars?
  • Stop wasting your time and money on dinosaur marketing or the “New Marketing Thing” that doesn’t work.

Discover 93% of Everything you Need to Know to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Aesthetic Practice with our How-To Series Reference Guide

Turn Your Practice Into a Highly Profitable, Efficient, and Low-Stress Operation

All The Tools and Tips You Need To Market Your Aesthetic Practice Effectively in 12 Easy Strategies are Right Here

I’ll give you the steps & tools you need to uncover the “preferred” patients in your market in a way that has them seek you out, stay loyal to you and refer their friends to you gladly. These 12 patient-attraction modules are step-by-step strategies that cover the fundamentals of a successful practice. They are NOT optional.  Without these fundamentals, your practice will hit a ceiling and your patients will not return and refer as often as you hope.

Regardless of your size, location, or years in practice, these modules will give you the foundation for endless growth.

Everything you need – the creative thinking, the strategies and the graphic design work has been for you already. Each module focuses on one revenue-generating topic that has already proven successful around the country, with practices just like yours, and can easily be replicated in your practice.

Here are just a few of the additional pearls countless practices around the world have sought me out to learn and profit from:

  • How to Turn staff into Revenue-Generating Assets rather than draining overhead expenses so you know you have a team working with you to improve your bottom line;
  • How to Guarantee a Return on every marketing dollar you spend so you never feel taken again by advertising people or those who don’t even understand this industry but talk a good game but don’t deliver results;
  • How to Easily and affordably attract “preferred” patients who stay loyal to you (even when your competitors are enticing them with a cheap price) and refer their friends because they are devoted to you and your expertise and wouldn’t dream of leaving you for a cheaper price;
  • Learn the Strategies to Hold Open Houses that generate $20,000 – $45,000 in 3 Hours;
  • See how easy it is to turn your patients into “Unpaid Ambassadors” who promote you and your services freely;
  • Never struggle with your staff or waste countless hours training new staff again – simply hand them these tools and you’re done.  They will now have the training necessary to promote you professionally and convert more consultations;
  • Discover how easy it is to “silently promote” additional aesthetic procedures to patients without saying a word.  This increases your bottom line without you spending an extra dime (and gives patients what they want);

So What Are the 12 Key Components Needed To Compete in Today’s Market to Crush My Competitors?

Below are the 12 most crucial components your practice needs for patient attraction- conversion – referrals generation mastery.

Each module was created to deliver immediate results. But they also build on one another. So you’ll be setting up the ideal foundation for your long term success.  Think of these as your “Library for Proven Aesthetic Profits” for the rest of your career.

Module #1 of 12Module_Page_01

>>>   How to Differentiate Yourself from All the Others

  • Stand Out in a sea of competition and get top dollar for your services
  • The post-visit strategy that will showcase your talent,  keep patients loyaland make it impossible for your competitors to lure them away
  • Why being seen as the expert in your city can make any advertisement upto 10x more effective at bringing in new patients
Module #2 of 12Module_Page_02 >>>   How to Make the Most of Your In-House Marketing

  • Bump up your patient’s average order size and watch your bottom line burst
  • How to get your patients to do the selling for you
  • Easy ways to educate patients without feeling “pushy”
Module #3 of 12Module_Page_03 >>>   How to Effectively Use Email Marketing

  • How to ask for and get patient emails
  • What to say in emails to get your phone ringing with anxious patients
  • How to turn emails into an automatic referral system for new patients
Module #4 of 12Module_Page_04 >>>    How to See a Surge of Patients in 30 Days

  • Automatically get your patients coming back for more without spendinganother
  • dime on advertising
  • Put patient referrals on auto-pilot so patients sing your praises to theirfriends
  • Wake up long-lost patients who have wandered off but are just waitingforan invitation to come back.
Module #5 of 12Module_Page_05 >>>   How to Conduct a Successful Open House

  • Make $20,000-$45,000 in 2-3 hours
  • Turn your patients into walking/talking selling machines
  • Build alliances that will pay for all or part of an open house event
Module #6 of 12Module_Page_06 >>>   How to Become Famous in Your Community

  • Three step process to become a celebrity
  • The one press release that can make you famous and get free
  • publicity that puts dollars in the bank
Module #7 of 12Module_Page_07 >>>   How to Sell Retail Profitably (Without Being Pushy or Aggressive)

  • Turn retail sales into a healthy revenue stream to bump up your bottom line
  • How to turn your staff into product experts and revenueproducing stars
  • How to use retail to attract and retain your favorite patients
Module #8 of 12Module_Page_08 >>>   How to Conduct a Successful Aesthetic Patient Consultation

  • 5 things an aesthetic patient wants and needs from you. Knowing this will           make you rich
  • Create a great patient experience so they stay, pay, return and refer
  • Educate, qualify, and convert a potential patient into a long-term cash-paying patient
Module #9 of 12Module_Page_09 >>>   How to Grow a Word-of-Mouth Aesthetic Practice

  • Get your patients to sing your praises all over town
  • The #1 simple way to get a referral
  • How to ask for a referral and get YES every time
Module #10 of 12Module_Page_10 >>>   How to Turn Phone Calls into Profits

  • Convert luke-warm callers into anxious visitors
  • Convert office visitors into loyal patient
  • Promote and close procedures without pushy sales tactics
Module #11 of 12Module_Page_11 >>>   How to Advertise to Get Your Phones To Ring

  • The key design elements of an ad that get the get the phones to ring
  • The top 10 aesthetic advertising mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Sample ads with proven track records you can copy or tweak to makeyour own
  • Plus samples of bad ads so you can avoid them like the plague
Module #12 of 12Module_Page_12 >>>   How to Double Your Aesthetic Profits in 12 Months

  • How to combine 3 basics strategies to literally DOUBLE your revenues
  • Catapult your aesthetic profits with secrets from “Uber” successful doctorsliving the high-life
  • The secrets to running an aesthetic practice that caters to the affluentaesthetic patients

These Are the Strategies You Need to Attract More Patients, Encourage Referrals, Get Famous and WIN!

Each Module Contains:




Each module covers one topic in depth and gives you: – Informative Guide Book: 16-22 pages of colorful visuals of the power point presentation along with the exact words transcribed from my presentation for a clearer understanding at each staff person’s own pace. Staff can easily refer to these whenever they need a quick fix solution or guidance to get the job done right. – CD you can watch and listen to with me personally narrating the power point presentation so you can hear and see the strategies I am laying out for you.  Use these in your staff meetings for additional training so your staff has an easy and fun way to learn how to promote you and your services effectively. – CD with (4) graphic designer files mentioned in the presentation that you can open and customize yourself in Adobe Illustrator or have your local printer handle for you.  The graphic design has already been done for you to save you time and money and get you the best result. – All in a sturdy white vinyl case for easy bookshelf storage to refer to for years to come or whenever new staff starts and needs ready-made training.  They can self-learn so you don’t waste precious hours with them when they should be catering to your profitable patients.

I’m so confident these tools will bring you new patients and more profits, they come with a money-back, no risk guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy with these patient-attraction and staff training tools, simply return them for a full money-back refund – it’s that simple.

This entire library pays for itself with just 1 new cosmetic patient. That makes is a no-brainer since you’ll have these tools for a lifetime.

Use them for patient-attraction and staff-training for a fraction of the cost of sending your team to conferences or spending a fortune to learn how to get more patients since it’s right here, laid out for you step-by-step.

How Much Investment do I Need to Make My Practice Wildly Profitable?

Get the entire How-To Series Resource Library shipped to you immediately for: 1 payment of $5,695

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Consider This:

If you only get one cosmetic patient from each of these 12 patient-attraction modules – you’ll have covered the entire investment in this program. That’s just one more cosmetic patient per month. Think about the staggering return on investment with only 2, 3 or 4 more patients a month. Wouldn’t it be worth it to you to Increase Your Profits by $3,000-$30,000 Per Month and Experience a 75% Referral-Based Aesthetic Practice without Hiring Additional Staff or Spending a Fortune of Advertising? Get the Tools you need to Succeed Now Your Success is My Business –


P.S.  I guarantee these tools will bring you more patients and more profits or your money-back.  Get them now or call me if you still have questions at (877) 339-8833.

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[testimonial name=”Peterson Pierre, MD” company=”” href=”” image=””]

Just one of Catherine’s strategies brought in $9,110 within four months and with very little effort. I now see how much revenue I was leaving on the table before she pointed it out. Catherine and her team have been easy to work with, responsive and their design work got my phone to ring. I recommend her to anyone who wants to promote their aesthetic services more strategically and professionally.


[testimonial name=”Lorne Poon, MD” company=”” href=”” image=””]

I purchased the 12 How-To Modules. The modules have been extremely helpful in bringing in many new patients to my aesthetics practice.


[testimonial name=”Mathew W. White, MD” company=”” href=”” image=””]

The How To Series gives me excellent tactical ideas to attract new patients, increase the amount they spend with us and so much more. The system is even great to retain those patients and ensure that they will be returning to our practice for a long time. I use these modules as training sessions for my staff and that’s helped us work together as a team. They are especially valuable for a new physician starting out in practice and should be required viewing!


[testimonial name=”S.J.Shah, MD” company=”” href=”” image=””]

I really like your new audio series How To Turn Your Phone Calls Into Profits. Hearing the variety of your lively voices role-play the caller and the receptionist helped me visualize your concepts better. And because it’s so interactive, my staff will retain the information better. This tool will be mandatory for all new staff hires and that will make my job easier.