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I am often asked how to plan a successful AND profitable cosmetic patient event so I’ll lay it out for you in this post.  Although it takes time and effort, it will pay off for months and years to come.

When done strategically, the benefits of a cosmetic patient event are numerous:

  • It’s a revenue-generating evening that can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in a few hours;
  • You get impressionable and lasting “Face/bonding time” with your current patients that builds loyalty;
  • You spend quality time with new, prospective patients that builds trust so they turn to you when they’re ready for aesthetic rejuvenation;
  • You increase your name recognition and practice exposure within your community and that helps you build strategic alliances who can refer their patients and customers to you;
  • The attendees can spread the word about you to their social media channels, giving you even more exposure to new patients;
  • It creates memories to help the aesthetic patient remember you when they’re ready for cosmetic enhancement….even years later; and
  • Increases your revenues-per-patient and their value to you over time.

Here are three important areas to focus on to ensure a successful and profitable patient event:

Market Your Cosmetic Patient Event

Make cosmetic patient events fun AND profitableIt takes a lot of marketing efforts to spread the word so everyone knows about your patient event. That includes email, direct mail, website banners and text messages. Of course you want to invite your current patients but you also want to invite THEIR friends, family members and colleagues. Add “bring your friends” to all of your messaging.

You even want to invite those patients who came in for a consultation but never booked and even long-last patients interested in reconnecting with you. What a great reason for them to re-engage with you.

And, of course, use all of your social media channels to promote your patient event to prospective patients who follow you on FaceBook and twitter and are ready to meet you in person.

Let Your Vendors Help You

Profitable Cosmetic Patient events work best when you have support. Vendors can be extremely helpful to you. They want to help you promote their products and services so let them. They can help you with food, printing costs, product and/or samples and gift baskets so work with them. They do the “selling” that evening so you and your staff can relax and schmooze.

Avoid No-Shows

cosmetic patient marketingHalf the battle is getting the attendee to RSVP and the other half is for them to actually show up to the event. Life, husbands, kids can get in the way so don’t take this part for granted.

When the caller RSVPs initially, ask for their name, email, cell and be sure they know they can bring all their friends (the more, the merrier). Tell them you’ll be calling and texting them to remind them 24-48 hours ahead of time. Send email reminders a few days and the morning of the event and include photos of your office prepping for the event to build excitement.

Tip:  Remind them their friends are welcomed.

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