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One of the perks of being in the aesthetic industry is that I get to try new cosmetic treatments and procedures so I take full advantage of that when the opportunity presents itself.

So, I happen to be visiting one of my plastic surgeons who lives nearby because I wanted to drop off some of his patient-attraction Endless Patients tools so I got to stay for a little injectable rejuvenation. Well, he gave me some Botox for the glabellar – normal. But he also put a little filler in there to soften the concave look and give me a fuller look  in that area.  I can’t say I look 25 again but I can say that was a great little perk!

I’ll bet most of your cosmetic patients don’t know about this little technique.  It could be just the differentiator from your competitors you needed.  If they don’t do it or they do it but don’t tell anyone, there’s your competitive edge.

So here’s the strategy.  Turn that little juicy perk into tons of value for your patient (that equals tons of value and free PR for you as well):

  • -Make a 2-4 minute video about it to add to your website under “What’s New”
  • -Add that video to YouTube
  • -Make a video of your patient talking about it and saying how much they love their result. Add that video to your website, blog and YouTube
  • -Write blurb for your patient newsletter and show before/after pics
  • -Mail letter to other like-minded patients just like the patient you treated, show before/after pics and include special offer with tight expiration date for them to have it done
  • -Turn into a special for the month; i.e., every Botox treatment gets a little free “lift” during the month of May
  • -Throw in as a perk when they sign up for laser packages (rather than discounting)

So here’s the point. I’m sure you’ve put your own little spin on almost every procedure you offer.  To you, it’s common sense. To your patients, it’s genius!  And New. And a “gotta have it” from you!


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