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You increase conversion rates by getting back to the fundamentals: ensure your aesthetic patient goes step-by-step through your process so they are most likely to say yes at the end of it. This a well-oiled machine with no shortcuts and every step must happen every time to ensure the patient is comfortable, informed and compelled to move forward.  The steps include:

–         Efficient Phones
–         Welcome Packet
–         Trained, friendly Staff
–         Comfortable, Clean Environment
–         Educational and Compelling In-House Signage
–         Initial Consultation with Staff (who are trained in effective aesthetic consultations)
–         Social Proof
–         Consultation with Physician
–         Closing with Staff
–         Thoughtful follow up

In today’s competitive climate, it’s all about the quality of the patient experience rather than just the sheer quantity.  The “churn and burn” theory is no longer viable since it’s getting much too expensive to advertise that way.  If a patient has called your office, taken time out to drive over to see you, meet you and ask questions, it’s your job to do everything possible to help them make a great decision.


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