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You are leaving money on the table if your patients don’t realize everything you offer.

Pareto’s 80/20 Rule tells us that 20% of your current patient database will give you 80% of your revenues.  They would buy more from you if given the chance.  They have the interest and the financial wherewithal to want a lot of your services.

I guarantee if they don’t buy from you, they will buy from someone else…the aesthetic surgeon/physician/med spa down the street or around the corner or at Sephora or the department store cosmetic counter, etc.

Have strategies in place so you never hear, “I didn’t know you offered that” and then had it done by your competitor or they bought elsewhere.

An aesthetic patient who is interested in one procedure, treatment or product to look better is most assuredly interested in other procedures, treatments and products that do the same.

In addition to that, if they were interested in treating one body part, they will be interested in treating their other body parts.

And an aesthetic patient is typically never satisfied.  Not BDD dissatisfied but definitely open to the next improvement so when you rejuvenate one concern she had, she will often turn her attention to the next concern she has.  She might not have even noticed that concern while she was obsessing about that one thing that bothered her, but now that you addressed it, she will move on and that is a huge opportunity for you.

Tip:  20% of your aesthetic patients would buy much more from you if given the chance.  5% of those would buy even more.


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