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An easy way to increase your revenues 10-30% is to cross sell ALL of your cosmetic
services to your current patients.

Because the easiest decision for your cosmetic patients to make is the one made
AFTER their initial decision to choose you for aesthetic rejuvenation.

In other words, if they have already said yes to you, they are much more likely to
continue to say yes if offered additional services.

Patients Have Endless Needs

You and your staff can be hesitant to “up sell” or “cross sell” other services or
products because you feel pushy.

My advice is to change your mindset to change your revenues.

Cosmetic patients who like to look good, want that feeling of looking their best
for a lifetime. Your job is to “serve” these patients by educating them on all you

Otherwise, you only get a piece of their disposable income. They give the rest to
other providers or the Chanel cosmetic counter.

Do your patients know ALL you have to offer?

If you have ever heard a patient say to you, “I didn’t know you did that”, it’s
time for you to review your promotional efforts because you are not getting all
you can from your cosmetic patients.

A cosmetic patient who wants to look their best (and feel great) is open to all sorts
of procedures and treatments you offer…but they have to know about them.

Here are 3 easy ways to cross sell your cosmetic

Signature Treatment

Devise your own signature treatment that turns back the clock for your more mature
patients who want rejuvenation but are not yet ready for surgery.

Combine several different services into one package with a special combination price.

Show the savings so they see it’s a special combination price.

Not only will they get a better result, they cannot pull the package apart and price shop it with your competitors. 

This also builds great patient loyalty because they’ll get a great result and come back for more.

Help them Heal

When a Botox/Filler treatment leaves bruises, offer to do a quick laser procedure to
help minimize the bruising and speed up the healing. 

Not only are you showing you care, you’re also cross promoting your laser procedures.

Don’t Discount. Add Value.

It’s tempting to discount your procedures and products because that’s what everyone

Be different and be creative.

Add something to the procedure they want that will enhance their look even more. You
have now introduced them to a procedure or product they hadn’t thought about but now
make part of their beauty regimen.

For example:

  • Free IPL with their Botox + Filler Treatment
  • Free Filler with their Skin Tightening Procedure
  • Free Fat Transfer with a facelift and so on.

 I recommend you implement the above strategies right away and brainstorm as a team for additional ideas to help your patients look great while you increase your bottom line revenues.

Want more great ideas?

Check out my podcast, “Beauty and the Biz”

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