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Question: Introduce a New Cosmetic Procedure

New Cosmetic Procedures

New Cosmetic Procedures

 Dear Catherine,

 I want to add a new cosmetic procedure to my practice.  I’ve noticed I have aesthetic patients who could benefit from surgery but, for whatever reason, they won’t go there so I want to add skin tightening.  That way, I can keep the patient in my office to, hopefully, be their surgeon when they ARE ready.

However, I’m afraid this expensive technology will become another coat hanger since that’s what has happened in the past and I’ve regretted my costly decision. We did not market it correctly, or enough, and it ended up sitting around collecting dust.

How can I ensure this cash outlay in technology pays for itself quickly?

Dr. E

Catherine´s Answer

Dear Dr. E,

Thanks for a great question. As you learned from your first big-ticket purchase, it takes a lot more than simply writing a check for new technology to make it a wise investment. You actually have to market this cosmetic procedure to new patients as well as to existing patients so they can turn your investment into a healthy revenue stream…Now rather than later.  Here’s the good news….

You Are in an Enviable Position.

 You cater to a very hungry market…..the aesthetic patient who wants to look and feel good and will invest their time, money and effort to do so.

Think about it.  The patient who cares about their appearance has a built-in need now, next month, next year and for years to come because if they care about how they look today, they are really going to care as the aging process takes an even bigger toll.

These cosmetic patients WANT to look and feel great and are open to any procedures you offer to do that.

Click Here to My Blog for 3 simple strategies to use when introducing a new procedure to your practice.

  1. “Add an Ad” to your phone greeting such as,

    New Receptionist Ideas

    New Receptionist Ideas


“Good afternoon,

Dr. Smith’s office

 Now Offer Skin Tightening

How May I help you today?”


This didn’t cost you a dime, it took your receptionist two seconds to say and the results can be amazing.


  1. Friends and Family Event         

    Friends & Family Event!

    Friends & Family Event!

 New procedures are always fun and exciting but patients want to see proof of results…and not just from the generic vendor photos shown on the Internet but from your very own patients.


Design a special event for a limited time for your staff and their friends and family. You can even call it, “Friends and Family Skin Tightening Event”. Charge them ½ of the normal fee and, in exchange, they agree to allow their before/after photos to be shown in your promotional materials (both online and offline), they provide a patient testimonial and they pass out your card to two of their friends. That’s how you get the ball rolling and grow your skin tightening patient base quickly and easily.


  1. Let your vendor help you. The sales rep that sold you the technology has all sorts of strategies to help you so take advantage of their resources. They oftentimes can execute, and even pay for, email blasts, event refreshments and direct mail costs.  It behooves them to help you succeed so welcome their assistance.


The bottom line is this:  What you focus on expands. For one month, make this a priority and put all your efforts towards it to get it moving so it quickly becomes a nice new revenue stream for you and a great add-on procedure for your patients.


How do YOU introduce a new cosmetic procedure to your practice?

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