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Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question: Is Your Staff Helping You Market?

Dear Catherine,

I have a staff of 9 who are great BUT I am having trouble understanding what exactly they are doing to help me grow my cosmetic surgery practice.  

Even though I’m paying all of these people, I feel like I am responsible for marketing the practice, along with all the other activities it takes to stay competitive.

It seems like I have to make sure things are getting done or it doesn’t happen and it drives me crazy. We are leaving so much money on the table when patients don’t return for additional services and refer their friends and give us great reviews.

I want my staff to step up and take care of these money-making details. Because if I don’t stay on them, patients don’t get called back,  the patient photos don’t get taken and they are not cross-promoting all of our services to our visiting patients.

For the salaries I’m paying, I need my staff to step up and care as much as I do about growing my practice. Is that asking too much?

Dr. G

Catherine’s Answer:  

Hello Dr. G,

Thank you for your question and, if it helps, many other surgeons feel the same way you do. 

The truth is, as a solo-practice surgeon, nobody will ever care as much about your success as you do. They just don’t have as much “skin-in-the-game” as you do.

However, that doesn’t mean your staff can’t be a huge asset to your practice -building activities. There is a tremendous amount they can do to promote you and ALL of your services. 

When you hire the right people, they will WANT to help you grow. They will be open and anxious to promote you and your services. They will go above and beyond to get you more conversions, more reviews and more referrals.

So, do you have the right people on board?

If so, did you give them the strategies working now and the tools to promote you professionally?

For example, did you know that 9 out of 10 cosmetic surgery offices have poorly-trained staff, who can’t convert callers to patients and consults to paid procedures, costing them thousands of dollars a year in missed revenues?

Are you one of them?

When it comes to growing your cosmetic practice, the number #1 complaint I get from surgeons like you is they have great staff but they are just not skilled enough when it comes to promoting you and ALL of your services to your prospective cosmetic patients.

So, you hear callers hang up without scheduling,  watch prospective patients walk out your door without taking any action and other patients not returning for additional services.

Cosmetic patients are a fickle group. Their experience with you and your practice starts and ends with your staff. Anytime a prospective patient calls and visits your office,  as well as interacts with your staff,  gives them an impression about you and your practice.

What is your staff doing to help you market your practice?

Think about it . . . You pay all of this overhead to salaried staff members to work with your cosmetic patients so you can focus on what you do best only to find that 7 out of 10 of the prospective patients who came in for a consultation decided to wait; or worse — decided to go to someone else!

Or, they did a great job converting the patient but now dropped the ball afterwards so you don’t have good before/after photos, a testimonial, a great 5-star review or referrals. What a missed opportunity!

Your staff can make or break your practice – period. Nothing is more
important to your success than the patient relations skills your staff has or doesn’t have.

Your patients will spend more time with your staff than with you. Frankly, you may not even get the chance to meet new prospective patients if your staff doesn’t have the skills or interest in getting them in the door and through your processes so it’s imperative your staff is as committed to the success of your practice as you are.

Every minute you’ve spent and every dollar you have invested in setting up, marketing and promoting your practice will rely on your staff’s support to succeed.

The reality is your staff may be unknowingly sabotaging your best practice promotional efforts.

  • Maybe they are confused about their role.
  • Maybe they don’t understand their significance.
  • Maybe they don’t have the ideas and skills necessary to promote you and cross-promote ALL of the services you offer.

Every patient interaction they have on your behalf– either on the telephone or in person – either enhances your image or destroys it and either adds to your bottom line or it doesn’t.

Prepare your staff for success so they stay motivated and “plugged in” to help you grow your practice.


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