It Take a Marketing Mix to Grow an Aesthetic Practice

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It Take a Marketing Mix to Grow an Aesthetic Practice

Successful Aesthetic Practices Use a Marketing Mix

Aesthetic medicine is a lucrative business that’s created a fiercely competitive industry. Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Clinicians in non-core specialties, as well as corporations, want to capitalize on the growing demand for cosmetic enhancement. This means patients have more choices now than ever. So what would make them come to you and stay with you? It begins with marketing.

Various marketing methods exist. No one method works all the time, and all the methods work some of the time. Therefore, you need to develop the right marketing mix, which is defined as the methods you use to promote your services and products. This consists of using different long- and short-term messages and avenues, until you get the results you’re looking for. The methods must work synergistically.

Marketing your aesthetic practice starts with defining your preferred patients. You then have to be where they are consistently so that when they’re ready for cosmetic enhancements, they think of you—not your competitor.

Defining Your Preferred Aesthetic Patient

When it comes to your patients, keep in mind the importance of target marketing. You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t be everything to everybody.” There’s great truth to that. So cater to the group you consider your perfect patients. Learn their demographics and needs. This is important because only a certain percentage of the population will purchase cosmetic enhancement procedures, products or treatments. By promoting your marketing efforts to the right niche market, you’ll be more productive. You won’t waste your effort, time or money by throwing out your message to just anyone.

Personalized Messaging

Marketing strategies are also becoming more individually oriented. Using a sophisticated software program, practices can develop a database that allows them to individually approach prospective and existing patients. This approach provides a solution to a specific concern they may have and relays that information in the format the patient wants to receive that information. An example is the cosmetic patient who has had a wrinkle filler treatment from you and who has agreed to receive email messages from your office so you send his/her your e-newsletter telling them about the latest FDA-approved wrinkle filler that lasts longer. Successful practices realize relationship marketing is much more important than transaction marketing. Therefore, keeping current patients is more important, and cheaper, than trying to attract new ones.

Long-term strategies build your brand awareness and your practice. Short-term strategies create a temporary, immediate revenue boost by giving patients an incentive to purchase now. By implementing long- and short-term marketing strategies, you can gain immediate revenues while building your reputation and practice.

To learn more about marketing your aesthetic practice, visit or call (877) 339-8833.  Catherine Maley is author of Your Aesthetic Practice and President of Cosmetic Image Marketing.  Her team specializes in growing aesthetic practices.

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