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The Ultimate Cosmetic Practice Transformation System

Differentiate yourself from the competition and enjoy more patients and profits on autopilot…
at the best price I have ever offered!

4th of July celebrates the birth of American independence.
So, let’s celebrate the independence of your cosmetic practice so you are FREE from:


Your Services


Insane Ad


Poor Quality


Competitors Stealing Your Patients

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Introducing the First-Ever Easiest "Done-for-You" Rewards Club That is Actually a Patient Attraction, Conversion & Retention System

Designed specifically for cosmetic practices to:

Retention Stats to Consider…

(Source: SemRush)

To Capitalize on Those Above Stats, here’s what this “Done-for-You System” does for you....


More Patients

More Referrals

More Patients

More Conversions

More Conversions


More Loyalty


Better Profits for YOU


More Reviews

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It’s the fastest way to 10X your non-surgical revenues

A typical patient that has been worth $1K to you is now worth 10X that because they more frequently return, refer, review and share you on social media.
And that gives you predictable revenues without discounting or insane advertising spend.
Just imagine – doubling, tripling or even 10X-ing your revenues. No more under booking, and no more scrambling to find new patients.
Button up this part of your practice growth plan so you have peace of mind filling your schedule and keeping your ancillary staff busy and your expensive equipment humming along, making you money

Here’s the Solution

The KiSS Loyalty Club…guaranteed to bump up your revenues by at least 15% and increase patient visits, revenues, referrals, reviews, B/A photos and surgeries (optional).
Staff and patients love the easy rules: $1 = 1 KiSS. Collect KiSSes for Free Cosmetic Services. Easy Breezy!
Since patients can only get KiSSes from your practice, this wipes out your competitors and keeps your patients loyal to you.

ZERO Effort on Your Part Because we do ALL of the Work! We execute a proven omnichannel marketing system (Value $15,750) and track all calls and clicks.

You see results from the very first email we send out. You’ll then receive detailed progress reports showing all your wins!

There’s nothing for you to do on your end except have you staff attend the onboarding training (it takes 10 minutes) and remind them to be friendly to your patients and enter the KiSSes in the platform.
We take care of everything else, so you don’t have to.

Here are the results other surgeons are getting:


“Never Been Offered Before” FREE OFFER

Discover what the TOP cosmetic practices do to get to the top and stay there, and learn how to join their ranks with proven working strategies

The best cosmetic practices are firing on all cylinders. They focus on the practice pillars that build their money-making machine:










When you partner with me, you get all the practice-growth strategies the top practices use to win from The Cosmetic Practice Vault:

Video Topics Include

Discover how to position yourself as the best choice so prospective patients flock to your practice.
Show what makes you better than your competition while charging premium prices your patients will gladly pay.
When you know and address the cosmetic patients’ wants & needs, they see you as the ONLY viable choice for them.
Get the latest website strategic tips and tricks that encourage your visitors to interact with you, rather than click away, never to be heard from again
Attract new cosmetic patients using the latest creative strategies that are easy-to-execute and attract your “preferred” patients who gladly pay for your expertise.
Cosmetic patient attraction magnets that give you a steady flow of patient leads and revenues.
Have peace of mind knowing you have a plan for a predictable, long-term income stream, even during the typical slow months others complain about
Discover social media strategies that get prospective patients contacting you – not just following you.
Make money every time your email goes out using strategies that get your phones ringing.
Discover how to find, interview, and choose the best applicants to represent you and your practice.

Increase you revenues without you doing all the work, while knowing money is being made with or without you in the office.


This is a must-see video for your staff to hone their customer service skills so they treat your patients the way they deserve and your patients, in turn, review, refer and return
Use tools to determine who your A-players are and who should go. Then a structure that keeps your staff on your toes and focused on you practice so you don’t have to micro-manage.
Discover how easy it is to lead your team to success using simple strategies that make all the difference.
You can’t manage what you don’t measure so you’ll discover the key numbers you want to know.
You need more leads, but you also need a process to get those leads to the finish line to a YES!
Here are the scripts and strategies to convert 30% more callers within 48 hours.
Step-by-Step process laid out to get the patient to a yes vs. “I gotta think about it”.
Staff will discover how to easily cross-promote ALL of your services without being pushy.
Before discounting your services, try these proven strategies to keep more of your profits.
Use these “plug and play” graphics to creatively get more word-of-mouth referrals.
Discover how you grow your revenues without working harder or spending more on advertising.

The Cosmetic Patient Vault Includes:


24 Courses Packed with Insider Knowledge


10 + Hours of Mind Expanding Content


44 Business


86 Marketing


77 “Swipe &
Deploy” Graphics

24-Courses-Packed - 2

44 Proven Scripts to Convert, Follow Up, Ads, Interviews


BONUS: 2 Strategy
calls with me personally


BONUS: Patient Blueprint +
Marketing Trends Guide

24-Courses-Packed - 2

BONUS: Signed Hard
Copy of my Book: Your
Aesthetic Practice

cosmetic practice vault

I’ll give you the entire play book for Cosmetic Practices, ABSOLUTELY FREE just for becoming a KiSS client.

In a nutshell, I’m feeding patients into your practice using the rewards system, then training your staff exactly how to convert them and educating you on the marketing and business side of plastic surgery so you get the highest prices, which means you make the most money possible…sound fair enough?

This Ultimate Cosmetic Practice System is Free When The Current Lost Money Becomes New-Found Profits

(Estimates based on $1MM Revenues + $10K/month Ad Spend)

That’s an extra $1,177,992 when you grow your practice strategically.

Breakdown: We shift the money you now spend on discounting and advertising to a strategic plan to attract better patients, convert 20% more callers to appointments, convert 15% more consultations to paid procedures, follow up with those who don’t convert right away and turn them into rabid fans who return, refer, review, share you on their social media, approve their B/A photos and complete surgery.

Then we train your staff to represent you professionally, treat your patients with gold standard customer service and become revenue-generators, rather than overhead.
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So, how much is this?

A lot of time, resources, software and personalization goes into setting up your customized KiSS Rewards Club, so….

The regular fees are $1997 Set Up + $2997/month Buy now until midnight 4th of July, the set up fee is Only $997 + the monthLY fee is only $1997/month (That’s a $13K Savings!)
And you’ll like this… you are never out of pocket because you are NOT charged again until your first email goes out that produces revenues that pay for themselves before your credit card bill is due.
Cosmetic Surgery Branding

You Also Get These Incredible “4th of July Special Gifts” to Boost Your Results right away While We Set Up Your KiSS Club You Can Dig into These FREE Practice-Growth Tools To See Immediate Results….

(Estimates based on $1MM Revenues + $10K/month Ad Spend)

EXTRA BONUS: Cosmetic Patient Attraction & Conversion Blueprint

(Value $297)

This is your checklist for building your own patient ywheel that keeps a steady stream of patients coming back again and again.
Patient attraction & conversion blueprint

EXTRA BONUS: Coordinator Score Card

(Value $297)

Do you have the right coordinator? If you’re not sure, use this checklist to determine if you have the right person in this revenue-generating role. If you don’t, use this checklist to nd your rock-star coordinator.
Cosmetic Surgery Branding

EXTRA BONUS: Cosmetic Patient Marketing: What’s Working Now Guide

(Value $297)

81-page guide describing the most eective patient-attraction marketing strategies working now and how you execute them in your own practice.
Book Cosmetic Surgery Branding

The Ultimate Cosmetic Practice Transformation System:

Cosmetic Practice Vault

Here’s What Other Surgeons Say About My Strategies…

Cosmetic Surgery Branding

Limited Time Offer Expires 4th of July Midnight

The Ultimate Cosmetic Practice Transformation System

Differentiate yourself from the competition
 and enjoy more patients and profits on autopilot…

at the best price I have ever offered!

4th of July celebrates the birth of American independence.
So, let’s celebrate the independence of your cosmetic practice so
you are FREE from:

Introducing the First -Ever Easiest "Done- for-You"

peace of ming guarantee
Cosmetic Surgery Branding

Frequently Asked Questions

QA 1

Your system sounds good, but won’t I lose money giving stuff away for free?

Great question. This is a real problem traditional loyalty programs face. Our program isn’t a loyalty program. Our system was designed to drive revenues that create profits. That’s why our redemption system focuses on low cost ‘gateway’ services like Botox and fillers. Our system also leverages redemptions to be profitable. That’s why, on average, you’ll profit by a minimum of 750% off the cost of a redemption!
QA 1

I already have a marketing system and rewards program. Won’t another thing just complicate everything?

No. In fact, it’s the opposite. Our early data show already loyal patients not only purchase more, they also refer and review more often.
QA 1

This system uses your branding. Shouldn’t we use ours?

Our system is branded so we can make everything cohesive with the redemption process. Our branding integrates into yours as a result. With that said we offer premier options for customization upon request.
QA 1

Won’t free services hurt my staff’s ancillary bonus programs?

Be honest… your staff is getting very few bonuses as it is and it’s killing your practice. With better leads and more sales, you can give bonuses that are far better than what they are receiving and still have a higher take-home check than they do now.
QA 1

What if we want to do our own social media marketing?

Go for it! You’re more than welcome to continue your own social media marketing campaigns while using the KiSS Rewards Club. Since this program automatically produces social media marketing for you, you can add a double whammy with your own efforts. Powered by the KiSS Rewards Club program, your current patients will create valuable social media marketing that attracts brand new patients to your practice via before-and-after photos, glowing reviews, and posted selfies …all showing you off as the BEST CHOICE.
QA 1

Does your system work outside of the USA?

Yes! Our system has generated success for cosmetic surgery practices everywhere from places close to home like Canada to across the ocean in places like the Netherlands. The reason why is simple….our process focuses on psychology, engagement, and proven processes.
QA 1

When can we talk?

Book a time to talk that works for you using the link below!

Still not sure? Read this message….

Hello, it’s Catherine. I get it. You’ve heard promises before that don’t deliver and you’re left holding the bag. I’m different. My entire career has been devoted to getting you more patients and profits and running a smoother operation. When we partner, my team and I go into stealth mode to get you results. If we can’t for some reason, we part ways amicably so there is no risk. I would love to work with you to grow your cosmetic revenues, staff and practice.

Catherine 1