Discover How You Get More Procedures, Consistently,
On Autopilot, Without Spending More Money!

Is Spending Thousands of Dollars Every Month On Paid Advertising and
Search Engine Optimization, The Best Way To Get Patients Consistently?

Have you calculated how much you spend on acquiring ONE patient, and your return on investment recently?

Are you happy with what it is yielding you?

Have you counted how many hours you spend with people who end up NOT booking a procedure? 

Do you think there is a better and less time-consuming way to get clients?

Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

Cosmetic Surgeons like yourself, usually spend around $5,000 every month at least, to get new patients. Most of it is spent on SEO, in hopes to appear on top of patients’ Google searches.

Best case scenario: for every 100 leads, you may get 50 people showing interest, 20-30 showing up for the consultation (taking a substantial portion of your limited time), and out of those, only 3 procedures book.

Let’s Do The Math:

Considering the numbers above, every procedure costs you over $1,600. That is not taking into account the time spent in consultations that did not amount to anything, and the time and energy spent in hiring a good digital marketing agency.

Fortunately, there is a way to make better use of your money, time, and energy.

You Are Sitting On A Gold Mine Of Patients, Who Want To Work With You,
And Can Bring Consistent And Predictable Revenue To Your Practice

With the KiSS Loyalty Club, we turn every patient into a recurring source of income for you.

Word of mouth is the most efficient form of advertising. That’s why we developed a done-for-you system to encourage your patients to come back to you for their next procedure, and to refer you to their friends, turning them into your practice’s ambassadors.

Having patients coming back to you, on a regular basis, and recommending you to their friends and family, is the most efficient way for you to get your reception area full, all year round, with patients who will only want cosmetic rejuvenation done by YOU.

And the best part….. you don’t have to spend more money, and it is all done for you.

Cosmetic Patient Loyalty Program
Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

How The Kiss Loyalty Club Turns Your Patients Into More Patients

Step 1: The Setup

We set up your account and upload your patient list and welcome them to the KiSS Club. We then do a 10-minute training with your staff on how to give your patients KiSSes.  There is absolutely nothing else to do on your part. Once your account is set up, you are ready to go!

Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

Step 2: Patients Collect KiSSes

Patients collect KiSSes by returning, referring, reviewing, completing surgery, and approving their before/after photos to build up your social proof. These KiSSes go towards free cosmetic services. No More Discounting Necessary!

Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

Step 3: We Build The Relationships For You

We then nurture your current patients by sending KiSS emails, social media posts and texts to your patients, in a way that encourages them to grow your practice organically from the inside out. This grows your reputation and reach to new patients!

Lead Generation for Plastic Surgeons

This Is Why Cosmetic Surgeons Love The Kiss Loyalty Club....

“I really like the increased loyalty of our patients due to The KiSS Rewards Club. They like the emails and social media and are talking about it up and that’s increasing our new patient referrals. We also love the reviews.”
Clair Duffy
Clair Duffy
Jacksonville Plastic Surgery
“The KiSS Rewards Club was very simple to incorporate into our practice. Our patients love to collect the KiSSes and its fun for them. It also changed the conversation from discounting to building value and getting patients excited about collecting KiSSes. We’ve seen an increase in old patients returning patients, referrals, reviews and social media engagement so we don’t feel the need to spend on external marketing right now. I highly recommend the KiSS Rewards Club.”
Sharon Thompson
Sharon Thompson
Thompson Plastic Surgery

Kiss Rewards Club
Case Study #1 Results:
One Month (3k Database)

Email Open Rate:                        30%

New Sign Ups:                              120

Referrals:                                       12

Reviews:                                         26

Facebook Likes:                            26

Instagram Likes:                           32

$3k Tier Club:                                38

$5k Tier Club:                                6

Revenues:                                      $89,000

Redemption Costs:                     $4,530

ROI = 1,293%

Kiss Rewards Club
Case Study #2 Results:
One Month (700 Database)

Email Open Rate:                        25%

New Sign Ups:                              22

Referrals:                                       6

Reviews:                                         4

Facebook Likes:                            20

Instagram Likes:                           22

$3k Tier Club:                                31

$5k Tier Club:                                9

Revenues:                                      $83,000

Redemption Costs:                     $2,440

ROI = 1,814%

Kiss Rewards Club
Case Study #3 Results:
One Month (2.5k Database)

Email Open Rate:                        14%

New Sign Ups:                              54

Referrals:                                       4

Reviews:                                         8

Facebook Likes:                            4

Instagram Likes:                           22

$3k Tier Club:                                N/A

$5k Tier Club:                                N/A

Revenues:                                      $135,000

Redemption Costs:                     $1,600

ROI = 3,705%

These Practices Are Already Seeing Their Margins Increase, When Will You?


Does This Really Work...... And Other Questions

Your system sounds good, but won’t I lose money giving stuff away for free?

Great question. This is a real problem traditional loyalty programs face. Our program isn’t a loyalty program. Our system was designed to drive revenues that create profits. That’s why our redemption system focuses on low cost ‘gateway’ services like Botox and fillers. Our system also leverages redemptions to be profitable. That’s why, on average, you’ll profit by a minimum of 750% off the cost of a redemption!

I already have a marketing system and rewards program. Won’t another thing just complicate everything?

A lot of customers worry they’re just adding ANOTHER thing to their plate. We get it. That’s why we run this system for you. When you sign up with us everything is automated. All you have to do is give KiSSes to your loyal patients at checkout.

Won’t we lose money on already loyal patients?

No. In fact, it’s the opposite. Our early data show already loyal patients not only purchase more, they also refer and review more often.

This system uses your branding. Shouldn’t we use ours?

Our system is branded so we can make everything cohesive with the redemption process. Our branding integrates into yours as a result. With that said we offer premier options for customization upon request.

Won’t free services hurt my staff’s ancillary bonus programs?

Be honest… your staff is getting very few bonuses as it is and it’s killing your practice. With better leads and more sales, you can give bonuses that are far better than what they are receiving and still have a higher take-home check than they  do now.

What if we want to do our own social media marketing?

Go for it! You’re more than welcome to continue your own social media marketing campaigns while using the KiSS Rewards Club. Since this program automatically produces social media marketing for you, you can add a double whammy with your own efforts.

Powered by the KiSS Rewards Club program, your current patients will create valuable social media marketing that attracts brand new patients to your practice via before-and-after photos, glowing reviews, and posted selfies …all showing you off as the BEST CHOICE.

Does your system work outside of the USA?

Yes! Our system has generated success for cosmetic surgery practices everywhere from places close to home like Canada to across the ocean in places like the Netherlands. The reason why is simple….our process focuses on psychology, engagement, and proven processes.

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