Steady Stream of Cosmetic Patients

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Who Else Wants a Steady Stream of Cosmetic Patients Without Discounting, Outrageous Ad Budgets, or Competitors Stealing Your Patients?

Hello, it’s Catherine Maley and this is my guide on how to get a steady stream of cosmetic patients.

For the past 22 years, I have devoted my career to cosmetic practices to get you more patients and profits. To date, I have brought in over $19 Million Dollars of extra revenues using my creative strategies that attract, convert and retain cosmetic patients.

One of the biggest complaints that surgeons have had for the past 3 years is their frustration with attracting new patients. Your cost of Google AdWords and Facebook ads have gone through the roof. The med spa located right next door to you is offering $50 Botox and $200 Restylane, making your injection nurse push you to discount too. AND, the point loyalty systems by Allergan, Galderma, and Merz can be used by your competitors up the street that you generated.

So, insane competition, commoditization, discounting, and advertising costs are making it extremely difficult to keep up your lifestyle and income. Here are statistics that you should know:

  • It Costs 8X More to Attract a New Patient than to Retain an Existing Patient
  • It’s 16x Cheaper to Keep a Current Cosmetic Patient Coming Back for More than Spending Money on Advertising trying to Attract New “Internet Stranger Patients”.
  • 50% of New Patients DO NOT RETURN
  • New Patient Conversion Rate is a Paltry 5% to 20%

The way to combat these challenges is to think smarter and more strategically for the long run. So, I have spent over 3,000 hours and $72,000 in researching this problem and consulted with hundreds of surgeons just like you to come up with a system to counteract ALL of these problems. This system uses your existing patients to generate more revenue for less marketing dollars while using them to bring in new patients too!

Here are stats to consider:

  • Existing patients spend 31% more on their average order size value than new patients
  • 46% of patients spend more after they join a loyalty program
  • 83% of patients say a loyalty program will keep them coming back
  • Loyal existing patients spend 67% More Than New Patients
  • Existing patient conversion rate to new procedures is 70%-80%

Leverage Your Existing Patients to 10X Your Revenues

I have created an exclusive in-house loyalty system that existing patients can use only in your office. This knocks out your competitors and puts golden handcuffs on your patients so they can’t be lured away.

This is where The KISS Loyalty Club comes in! My revolutionary system increases the value of your cosmetic patients by 10X – a patient currently worth $1,000 is now worth $10,000. How? Because you’ve made it fun and compelling for them to return, refer, review, and share your amazing work on social media to their friends and followers. You can even use this to convert more surgeries!

Retention MUST Be Your #1 Focus Going Forward. Here’s Why…

For the same price as what Google AdWords charges you to attract, consult, and convert ONE patient to surgery (which averages $1,600 according to SemRush), I can get you 10X that result in surgical AND non-surgical patient revenues without advertising.

We do that by turning your existing patients into your practice evangelists who grow your practice for you. For example, when they refer a patient, they are given KiSSes that can go towards Free Botox and your hard costs are only $120 vs. $1,600. How’s that for profit!

The KISS Club is a simple system to build loyalty with your patients, so they return more often and to attract new patients to you via word-of-mouth referrals, great reviews, before/after photos and testimonials to build up your online social proof, and social media shares on your patients’ platforms that attract their friends and followers to you.

WHAT is The KiSS Loyalty Club?

It’s a cloud-based app that sits on your computer, so no hardware or integration is necessary. Your staff simply and easily award points (“KISSes”) to your patients at checkout to thank them for helping you grow your revenues, and My Staff Does the Rest!

HOW does The KiSS Club Work?

The rules are drop-dead easy and that’s why it’s so popular with patients and staff. $1 spent on nonsurgical treatments = 1 KiSS. Patients collect KiSSes to receive complimentary cosmetic services at different tier levels. They also get instant KiSSes for extra practice-building tasks they do, like leaving google reviews, sharing on social media, and more.

The KiSS Club Marketing is Done-for-You and Your Staff

It takes ongoing marketing efforts to keep anything alive so, we execute a marketing plan for you that includes co-branded emails, birthday emails, website banner, opt-in landing pages, social media banners, in-house signage, texting, social media props, monthly newsletter tips, and detailed progress reports so you know you’re getting a great ROI.

You focus on taking great care of your patients and we’ll do the rest.

New Patients Come from Your Existing Patients Using Social Media

We use many technical strategies to invite new prospective patients to join your KiSS Club as well as encourage your existing patients to share you on their social media platforms, so their friends and followers get to know you too.

This is All Your Staff Has to Do….

The program is so easy to use, the training takes less than 10 minutes. Staff enters the KiSSes at check out and we do the rest. Here is the screen shot of staff entering the patient’s cell phone and then the KiSSes. Easy-Breezy!

Let’s Talk Money: What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

The KiSS Club delivers exceptional results since it differentiates you from your competitors and keeps your patients loyal to you since they can ONLY be awarded KiSSes from YOUR practice. That means your competitors can’t lure them away.

The results speak for themselves. These are the MONTHLY results KiSS Club clients enjoy:

(See PDF for graphics showing results)

How to Get Started:

Let’s set up a demo so you can see how easy it is to 10X your own revenues faster, cheaper and easier. Call/Text Me at (415) 377-8700 or Email me at:

Read this message if you’re still not convinced:

Do you realize your most profitable assets are your current and former cosmetic patients? Most surgeons don’t. They are too busy chasing after new patients which makes them neglect the ones they already have. The latest stats show it’s 7X more expensive to attract a new cosmetic patient than to retain an existing patient.

You are literally sitting on a gold mine this very moment. The fastest, straightest path to developing massive practice growth is consistently going after your past and current patients. Why? Because they know you, trust you, have faith in your abilities, and they like you. So, wouldn’t it make sense to become proactive in marketing to your existing patients?

You’ll quickly find your easiest source of new profits using this one idea. It’s downright expensive to get new cosmetic patients, while the cost of reaching your existing patients is minimal.

Let me mine the hidden gold in your existing patients –

Catherine Maley, MBA

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Cell: (415) 377-8700