Cosmetic Surgeons Discover How To Grow Profits Without Increasing Ad Spend in This 90-Second Video 

Is Your Practice Not Making The Money It Should?  This 90-Second Video Will Show You How One Radical Change Can Grow Your Cosmetic Revenues Without Increasing Your Ad Budget …In Just 60 Days.

Ad Campaigns Are HURTING Your Profits

Do you know the #1 marketing mistake made in the cosmetic surgery industry? It is trusting ‘silver bullet’ marketing solutions to grow revenues. You know this because you see the numbers the ad agency sends you at month’s end and they aren’t good. Most months you spend more on ads than you get back in revenues and you just don’t get why.

You do what the ‘so-called experts’ tell you to do. You throw money at PPC and SEO, you share ‘before & after’ pictures, and you push promotions and discounts so big your margins get a tighter shave than you do…

So… Why aren’t your revenues growing? Simple. You’re targeting the wrong market with the wrong offer.

The solution?

Move a small percentage of your ad spend (less than 25%) to grow cosmetic revenues with your most profitable market….one so interested in what you have to offer they are waiting to give you more money right now.

Where You Can Find A Ready Made Pool Of Patients Eager for Your Services?

A few years ago one of the world’s leading marketers published a report that SHOOK ad agencies across the world. In the report the marketer shared something so powerful, simple, and counterintuitive it threatened to cut the legs out from ad agencies all over the planet. The author shared the following:

Existing customers are the most profitable people to market to.

He wasn’t the only one to promote this. Data from marketing agencies all over the world back it up. Don’t take my word for it though, see for yourself:

  • Marketing Tech found the average customer has a lifetime value that is 10X the cost of their first purchase.
  • Bain & Co found retaining just 5% of your customer base will increase profitability 75%!

And that’s just two of the dozens of reports! So…

Why isn’t your practice booked solid? You probably use a vendor rewards program now. So why don’t more of your patients come back to you month after month filling your pipeline and growing your profits? Simple. Vendor reward programs don’t work. Here’s why.

Your Vendor Rewards Program is Losing You Money

Vendor rewards programs don’t work. 


Because, instead of funneling existing patients back into your office, they drastically reduce the lifetime value of a customer. 

Don’t believe me? Then why is it every year you find yourself spending MORE on ad campaigns just to break even? 

I’ll tell you why.

Your vendor reward programs aren’t working….and for good reason. They use outdated marketing tactics your patients don’t like.  Worse, the systems aren’t unique to your business so your patients can redeem points at any practice… 

Not only that, the entire business environment is changing! It used to be you had to drive a town or two over to find a cosmetic surgeon. Now, there are five on the same street in some places!

Why does this matter? Simple. As more cosmetic practices and med spas pop up, there’ll be more providers in the market than ever before. 

You can fight it out as competitors price cut left and right hoping to break even, or you can take a radical and counterintuitive approach to growing your cosmetic revenues that doesn’t rely on discounts so deep they threaten your bottom line. 


Simple. I use a PROVEN system to increase repurchasing using a ZERO ad cost lead generation system. This system grows your practice’s relationship with your existing patients using on-brand messaging that connects them with the motivating content they need to keep coming back over and over. 

Even better?

My system makes your patients so excited to promote you, come back over and over, and send new patient referrals your way, they forget about your competitors entirely.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what just a couple of satisfied KiSS clients have to say:

“The KiSS Rewards Club was very simple to incorporate into our practice. Our patients love to collect the KiSSes and its fun for them. It also changed the conversation from discounting to building value and getting patients excited about collecting KiSSes.

We’ve seen an increase in old patients returning, referrals, reviews and social media engagement so we don’t feel the need to spend on external marketing right now. I highly recommend the KiSS Rewards Club.”

~ Sharon Thompson, Thompson Plastic Surgery

“I really like the increased loyalty of our patients due to The KiSS Rewards Club.

They like the emails and social media and are talking about it up and that’s increasing our new patient referrals. We also love the reviews.”

~ Clair Duffy, Jacksonville Plastic Surgery

Sound interesting? Then let me introduce you to the Kiss Rewards Club!

The Kiss Rewards Club:
The ONLY Way To Grow Profits Without Increasing Ad Spend

Imagine waking up excited because you have a packed schedule and have to work through lunch just to keep up with customer demand. 

That’s the power of The Kiss Rewards Club. This system increases profits, drives new patient leads who are excited to choose you, grows referrals you profit from, and books your schedule full without spending another dime on ads. 

The best part?

The system works with your existing cosmetic patient base and does all the work for you. 

Let me be clear. This isn’t some impersonal, bot-automated system that’ll spam your patients with endless texts, emails, and requests on social media. 

The Kiss Rewards Club uses customized outreach, built around consumer psychology, delivered on a schedule so you not only stay top of mind, but keep your patients coming back every couple of months.

What do these customized messages say? 

They remind patients of their current benefits (KISSes), shows them how close they are to their next redemption, and purposefully engages them to promote you. 

This gets your patients excited to hear from you. 


Because, they’ll know they are that much closer to a redemption. In fact, our beta-run showed that these ‘redemption’ reminders filled schedules with referrals that led to new patients at a better conversion rate than traditional ad spend and lead generation driven leads. 

Even better? We run the system for you WITHOUT ongoing five-figure agency fees! 

Gone are the days of having to input every new lead by hand and hope you got it right.

With The Kiss Rewards Club we handle every patient so they are automatically entered into the system and immediately sent a value based promotion (100 Kisses) they can apply towards their next service. This gets them excited to reach that tier. 

Okay, you’re wondering, sounds great… but does it work?

Check out a few of the progress reports from some of our KiSS clients this year and decide for yourself!

See These Results Other Plastic Surgery Practices Got...

A Look At The Actual Numbers When Using The Kiss Rewards Club

Below are three progress reports from the Kiss Rewards Club. These are the exact reports we’ll be sending you once you start! 

In them you’ll find everything from the monthly costs of redemptions, where consults and leads are coming in from, email open rates, the total increase in net revenue, and more.

Quick Note: I’ve shared just a few pages of our reports below. If you are interested in getting a look at an entire report just let me know when you schedule a call.

That’s a 3,742% and 3,558% Return on Investment (ROI) 

The results are in… the Kiss Rewards Club works and it’s no surprise! Your biggest growth will always come from current patients who continue to want to look good – that’s why our system helps you both secure patient loyalty and use it to grow!

Never Lose Another Patient to Your Competitors...

Data shows, on average, it costs 10X MORE to get a new patient than to sell to an existing patient. That’s why The Kiss Rewards Club keeps cosmetic patients connected to your brand and loyal to your practice! That means:

  • Patient lifetime values go up
  • You get more, and better, referrals
  • You see massive ROI with ZERO ad spend

So… Who is this for really? Good question. Here’s the answer.

Who This Is For

Before I get into everything you get with the Kiss Rewards Club, I want to be incredibly transparent about who it’s for.
Why? Simple. It doesn’t work for every practice.

The Kiss Rewards Club is a marketing system built to amplify professional cosmetic surgeons’ practices. 
This is NOT for you IF…..

  • You are just starting out and don’t have a patient base
  • Your main marketing strategy is cutting prices
  • You struggle to make payroll week after week and are looking for a quick fix
  • You believe you are just one viral social post away from being booked solid
  • You don’t care about building relationships with patients

 So… Who is this for? 

  • If you understand success isn’t about being cheaper but instead about being better than your competition… this IS for you. 
  • If you have a patient list of at least 1,000 people, this is for you.
  • If your team is driven to help your patients get the best care and service, this is for you.
  • If you have a friendly front-end team, this is for you.

If this sounds like you, then the Kiss Rewards Club is for you! 

Get the details on what’s included below to determine the level of service you need.

What You Get With Your Kiss Rewards Club Membership

The Kiss Rewards Club was built to fix the problems I saw my cosmetic surgeon clients struggle with every day. 

I’ve been in the industry for a long time, both as a business and marketing consultant who specializes in the cosmetic surgery industry and as a patient. I have first-hand knowledge of not only how the industry works, but what it’s like to be a patient.

That’s why when I built The Kiss Rewards Club, I didn’t want to create just another loyalty program. There are plenty of those already. 

I wanted to create something plastic surgeons could use to increase patient loyalty, grow revenues, and drive high quality referrals without spending thousands on ads every month.

The Kiss Rewards Club fits into your existing practice and runs on a plug-and-play process from day one. Our process is ‘hands off’ so you and your team can focus on patient care. 

The best part?  Every redemption – at the very least nets a 750% return on the cost of the redemption.


Okay, so what ALL do you get with the Kiss Rewards Club? I’ll tell you…

What’s Included

The Kiss Rewards Club is a full stack marketing system my team runs for you so you get new social engagement, new revenues from old patients, and you generate referrals that keep you booked solid.

Join now and we’ll activate your “Done-for-You” KiSS Marketing System to include:

  • Ongoing current patient email marketing                                    Value: $4,000
  • Referral & review stimulators                                                          Value: $2,000
  • Social media banners & posts                                                          Value: $2,000
  • Monthly practice-building newsletter                                            Value: $2,000
  • Call and click tracking & recording                                                Value: $1,000
  • Customized web page to sign up new members                         Value: $1,000
  • Easy online staff training & ongoing support                               Value: $1,000
  • Staff scripting to convert more patients                                       Value: $1,000
  • Monthly Progress reports with ROI stats                                      Value: $1,000
  • In-house signage and referral cards                                              Value: $  750

Total Value of $15,750 comes FREE when you choose your Kiss Reward Club plan below.

"Done-For-You" Marketing Run By My Team

We ensure the system runs the right way from the start. That’s why our team handles the marketing for you. 

We install the system, manage outreach, drive existing cosmetic patients back for more procedures, generate new referrals from customers through Instagram and Facebook, encourage your patients  to promote you with positive reviews, and more!

We do the hard work so you focus on working hard taking care of your patients. 

Still not sure this is right for you?

I get it. You’ve been burnt before. You’ve watched hard earned profits get burned up on ads that don’t convert, campaigns that didn’t ‘click’ with new prospective patients, and you are tired of gurus promising you results they can’t deliver. 

The Kiss Rewards Club is different. It’s a marketing system that follows a proven process that’s run by my team. All you have to do is deliver great results  to your patients and we’ll handle the rest. 

But I don’t expect you to take my word for it. I guarantee your results…

Relax... KiSS Rewards Club Guarantee

I stand behind this unique patient attraction, conversion and retention system and wholeheartedly believe it will get you more patients and profits… just like it does for other practices we partner with.

If for some odd reason, this KiSS Rewards Program doesn’t become your easiest, cheapest patient attraction, conversion and retention secret weapon within 60 days, you can cancel at any time since there is no long-term contract involved.

Let’s talk…

Instead of trying to get you to make a decision right now, wouldn’t it better to talk? I’m sure you have questions so let’s see if we have a good fit. Click the link below and we’ll schedule a quick 30-minute chat. I’ll ask you a few key questions about your practice and immediately be able to tell you if my system is right for you.

$1 Offer for Limited Time...

More Patients Academy Online Learning Center FREE (Value $1997)

As a ‘Thank You’ for your time and saying YES to KiSS, I’m offering you a one-time special. If you book the call using the link below, you’ll get all the technical details of the system handled by our team… for just $1. 

That includes the following:

  • Setup. We customize your banners, sign up page, emails, social posts, in-house signage and props. This is a savings of, on average, up to $1500.
  • Branding. We incorporate pieces of your branding with our proven messaging that your patients love and respond to, while keeping the messaging consistent.
  • Free Training. To make sure you start seeing massive returns on value right away, we also work with your team to increase conversions and revenues by providing unlimited access to the More Patients Academy Online Learning Center.

While we set up your platform, we also help you increase the effectiveness of your staff’s ability to generate revenue. We do this using proven methods to grow your revenues with 16 easy-to- follow training modules that teach everything from: 

  • How Your Staff Can Market You
  • How to Position YOU as the BEST CHOICE
  • How to Run Your Practice Like a Business
  • How to Convert Consultations
  • How to Turn Phone Calls Into Profit
  • How to Follow Up After the Consult and more…

What You Get With Your Membership

Make Kiss Rewards Club Work For You

To ensure our service fits your exact needs we created two different levels of service with the Kiss Rewards Club. Here’s a look at what you get.

Sound good? 

Then let’s chat! Claim your free consult call, lock in your $1 setup savings, and start growing your cosmetic revenues today!


Does This REALLY Work... And Other Questions

Still not sure if The Kiss Rewards Club is right for you? I get it. I’m the same way. Everytime I buy something I read every single thing and then usually follow up with the company through email.

I’m detail oriented and so are you (that’s why you’re a success after all). That’s why I’ve shared the most common questions clients have and my responses. If you don’t see your question here, no worries. 

Just email me at [email protected] or text me at (415) 851-0172 and I’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.

Great question. This is a real problem traditional loyalty programs face. Our program isn’t a loyalty program. Our system was designed to drive revenues that create profits. That’s why our redemption system focuses on low cost ‘gateway’ services like Botox and fillers. Our system also leverages redemptions to be profitable. That’s why, on average, you’ll profit by a minimum of 750% off the cost of a redemption!

A lot of customers worry they’re just adding ANOTHER thing to their plate. We get it. That’s why we run this system for you. When you sign up with us everything is automated. All you have to do is give KiSSes to your loyal patients at checkout.

No. In fact, it’s the opposite. Our early data show already loyal patients not only purchase more, they also refer and review more often.

Our system is branded so we can make everything cohesive with the redemption process. Our branding integrates into yours as a result. With that said we offer premier options for customization upon request.

Be honest... your staff is getting very few bonuses as it is and it’s killing your practice. With better leads and more sales, you can give bonuses that are far better than what they are receiving and still have a higher take-home check than they  do now.

Go for it! You're more than welcome to continue your own social media marketing campaigns while using the KiSS Rewards Club. Since this program automatically produces social media marketing for you, you can add a double whammy with your own efforts.

Powered by the KiSS Rewards Club program, your current patients will create valuable social media marketing that attracts brand new patients to your practice via before-and-after photos, glowing reviews, and posted selfies ...all showing you off as the BEST CHOICE.

Yes! Our system has generated success for cosmetic surgery practices everywhere from places close to home like Canada to across the ocean in places like the Netherlands. The reason why is simple….our process focuses on psychology, engagement, and proven processes.

Book a time to talk that works for you using the link below!

Catherine Maley, MBA
Cosmetic Patient Attraction AND Conversion Specialist
Author, Podcaster, Consultant, Blogger, Trainer, Speaker

Cell/Text: (415) 851-0172
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