Introducing the First-Ever Easiest “Done-for-You”
Rewards System That is Actually a
Patient Attraction System on Autopilot…..for $1

Dear Surgeon.

For years, I have been hounded to come up with a Loyalty Rewards Club that was EASY to use for the patients and the staff.

BUT, it had to be a new patient magnet system WITHOUT using discounts, as well as be a retention AND conversion tool while doing what it’s supposed to do and that is to…

…..Put “golden handcuffs” on your patients so they stay loyal to you, return more often, refer their friends, give you great reviews, allow you use of their before/after photos and have surgery with you.

But most rewards programs are so darn confusing, they are not fun.

Frankly, they are quite the opposite…. They’re annoying when the staff struggles with tracking and the patients are confused by the terms and rules.

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for and here’s why….

Your Best Prospects for New Cosmetic Services Are Right Under Your Nose

Your current cosmetic patients are actually your best prospects for other cosmetic procedures and services. Really. And to illustrate this point, let me give you an example from the remodeling

Once a homeowner gets their kitchen remodeled after a short period of time, they begin to notice the bathroom or some other part of the house really needs work. The new section only serves to highlight and contrast how much worse the other sections are.

This same thing applies with cosmetic patients. If a patient has undergone one cosmetic procedure for a body part, it shouldn’t be a surprise they’ll start looking more critically at another body part that concerns them.

This presents a perfect opportunity for you — but only if you keep in constant contact with your patients.

And the best way I know how is through a patient rewards club that is easy to use.

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Kiss Rewards is Also a Clever
New Cosmetic Patient Attraction and Conversion Tool

Not only will you retain the cosmetic patients you already spent a fortune to get, the KISS Rewards Club is used to attract new patients and convert the ones who met you but didn’t say yes……YET.

Using texting, emailing and our Done-for-You Social Media Marketing Tool Kit to post on your facebook and Instagram accounts to spread the word about your practice to new patients.

But that’s not all. I’ll show you how to use the KISS Rewards Club as a closing tool to convert more prospective patients who are procrastinating so they can’t help but say YES to you.

Introducing KISS Rewards Loyalty Club

This is NOT just a rewards program. It’s a full-on patient attraction, conversion and retention tool to keep you busy and profitable.

It also makes it impossible for your competitors to steal away your cash-paying patients.

And it’s easy to use for your staff and your patients because it’s SIMPLE….

The patient gets a KISS for each dollar they spend with you.

Collect KISSES to get free services.

It’s Automatic and Totally Pain-free to Use

We get the ball rolling for you and handle the execution, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

Your patients are automatically entered into your KISS rewards platform and we give them 100 KISSES to get them excited and engaged with customized emails, text and social media and that spreads the word to new cosmetic patients who want to get in.

When your patients visit and check out for the day, the amount they spent is recorded (even if they got a discount or used another vendor program).

Once they reach certain tiers, they get a free area of Botox, syringe of filler or laser treatment.

And, they get an automatic Free Botox Reward when they refer a friend, give you a review and/or approve their before/after photos be used for promotion.

This builds up your social proof to attract and convert NEW patients.

Done-for-You KISS Rewards Marketing Tool Kit attracts NEW patients and keeps your current patients returning, referring and reviewing.

How do you know your results? You receive a monthly progress report showing you how profitable a rewards program can be when done right.

Why is This the Best Rewards Club
In Our Industry?

Because I’m NOT a big pharma company with complicated and bureaucratic red tape that doesn’t understand effective cosmetic patient marketing.

I have one focus….to get you more patients, more procedures and more profits.

And, because it keeps you busy with more patients who want your services without you spending a fortune on outside mass advertising or wasting your staff’s time on confusing terms and rules or discounting your services.

Smart cosmetic practices know that Retention is the New Patient-Attraction Strategy.

This puts it on autopilot.

It Stops Price-Shopping and Discounting That Hurts Your Brand

Let’s face it…our industry has been commoditized so it’s more difficult than ever to get cosmetic patients to pay a FAIR price for your expertise because they think they can get the same results cheaper elsewhere. KISS Rewards stops that price-shopping mentality by rewarding patients with a Free Service that is more compelling and you keep your high-end brand image intact.

It’s Easy to Use and Track

Our proprietary software is the easiest to use. Since we have already entered your patients into the system, there is no need for registration and no hassle. And the software automatically keeps track of all usage, so you don’t have to.

It’s Engaging

One of the biggest challenges of a rewards program is to get your patients to use it so we handle that for you.

Done-for-You KISS Rewards Marketing Tool Kit keeps your patients engaged with customized in-house signage, social posts, text and encouraging reminder emails as they get closer to winning a free service.

It Works Even if Using Other Vendor Programs or Discounts

Even if you already use Brilliant Distinctions or another vendor program, No problem. KISS Rewards Club is counting the net dollars spent with you at that visit, regardless of any other discounts you gave patients.

Here is an actual Case Study showing how much activity and results
the KISS Rewards Club generates in a short time…

10-25 Additional Procedures Per Month =

Approximately $15,000.00 – $40,000.00 EXTRA Per Month

That is what you should expect to get out of KISS Rewards Club to keep your current patients coming back for more, new patients hungry for your services and don’t forget… more reviews, more referrals and more surgeries.

Your results from the TRIAL first month of using this program will easily cover the costs of this program for the entire year but you need to act now.

You get a customized KISS Rewards platform with login access to watch the usage and results so you know its bringing you more patients, more reviews, more surgeries and more word-of-mouth referrals.

You get busy with patients hungry for your services with the Done-for-You KISS Rewards Marketing Tool Kit that includes ….

Click Here for 1 Month $1 Trial

How Much is KISS Rewards Club After the Trial?

The revenues generated during your $1 Trial Month from the KISS Rewards Club more than cover the entire investment so you are never out-of-pocket 😉

You pay $1 now to activate the software platform and the Done-for-You KISS Rewards Club Marketing Tool Kit, then it’s only $1,497 month-to-month or $1,297 for a one year membership. That’s it. You can decide after your 1 Month $1 Trial.