Let’s Meet in Las Vegas in September…


Since I’ll be speaking at the AAFPRS Conference at the Paris Hotel the week of September 27,
we have an opportunity to meet while I’m in town.

It’s a great way for you to tap into my 21 years of experience and perspective working with the
top cosmetic surgery practices all over the world….for a fraction of my regular fees.

Here’s how we can work together:

  • I can do a practice assessment and patient experience walk-through in your practice to find the gaps costing you dearly
  • Train your front desk staff to convert more callers to appointments
  • Work with your coordinator to convert more consultations
  • Review your patient attraction and conversion plan to ensure a steady stream of patients during good times and bad.

If you prefer to meet 1-on-1 away from your office, we can meet at the Paris Hotel during the conference,
or I can meet you and your staff for ½ day in your practice. Your choice.

Just select either burgandy box choice below…..

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I’ll also include my book for free to share with your staff
so they understand what goes into running a 
successful cosmetic practice. 

This is first come – first served so reserve your time with me right away!

I look forward to meeting you in Vegas –

Plastic Surgery Consult

Cell/Text:  415.377.8700
Email:  Catherine@CatherineMaley.com

Plastic Surgery Consultant

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