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This weekend, I attended a conference where a very smart (and rich) guy was talking about the economic indicators for the next 4 years.  Without going into the depressing and scary statistics about unemployment, the prolonged housing crisis, and government unrest, it looks like we are not going to see better times for awhile.

The good news is if you know that, you can adapt accordingly, so here’s an idea: Offer your big-ticket aesthetic procedures on the lay-a-way plan.  Patients can put money down today to lock in their commitment and then make payments to you up until their surgery date.  You can even decide on a monthly amount you will automatically charge their credit card.

While this may seem like a hassle or too much work, it’s well worth it if you have prospective patients who want what you offer but can’t afford it or don’t want to spend their money all up front.

This way, the patient stays loyal to you, they are grateful you gave them a way to get what they want and you have a patient on the books rather than a prospective patient who visits other practices to see if they’ll help them.


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