Lessons from My Accountant on How NOT To Run a Service Business

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I pay this guy $375/hour to do my taxes every year. I have been loyal, never bother him during the year, bring all my organized receipts every year, paid him big time the one time I was audited and the guy totally takes me for granted.  He doesn’t return my calls until I’ve called at least 2 or 3 times.  Then he says he’ll do something and then doesn’t and I have to request it yet again.  On top of that, he has filed extensions on my taxes the past 2 years because he didn’t get around to it.

What does this cost him?  The door is now open for any other financial professional to take my business away. And it has cost him dearly in referrals he will never see from my friends and family because I don’t have anything great to say about him.

How about you?  Are you treating your profitable aesthetic patients like my accountant treats me or are you giving them great service and staying in touch so they only think of you when they’re ready for your professional services?


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