Consulting with Catherine Live

If you want more clarity and growth, better-trained staff who know how to convert calls and consults, and streamlined processes that save you time and money… let’s talk.

Which of these statements sound like you?

  • You make a decent income, but not the amount you should be making. Not the amount you EXPECTED to make when you decided to give up a huge part of your life studying to become a surgeon.
  • You are tired of keeping up with the demands of your fickle patients, your ever-changing staff, lightning speed technological advancements, bewildering social media, and STILL, have a relaxing time with your family that does NOT include stressing about your rising overhead. 
  • You feel like there’s something you’re missing. Like your competitors know something you don’t and you have this nagging feeling that if you DID know it, it would catapult your results.

If any of those statements ring true for you, then here’s an idea worth considering. The only reason the top practices are the best is that they know something you don’t and they do what others won’t do to stand out to succeed. And here’s the secret… They stopped trying to figure it out on their own. They know business trends, patient trends and technology are changing so fast, there’s no way they have the time to keep up with that AND be doing what they do best… SURGERY.

Since engaging with Catherine, I’m happy to report that revenues are up 15% over the last three months – 22% in the last month alone!    – Robert Sigal, MD – Reston, VA

The bottom line: Top practices fast track to the top by getting the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and resources from experts who know what’s working NOW to get the optimal results.

The fastest way to shortcut your progress is to do what other practices have already proven to work to get you more patients and more profits. There’s no need to waste another hour or dollar on anything that does NOT propel you forward. Since the Year 2000, I have worked with hundreds of cosmetic practices to get them more cosmetic patients and profits with creative patient attraction, conversion, and retention strategies.

Perhaps you’ve read my popular book, Your Aesthetic Practice: What Your Patients Are Saying, or you’re one of the thousands on my list who follow my blog or attend my Webinars. Or maybe you’ve heard me speak at a US or International medical conference I am invited to every year.


Or, one of your colleagues mentioned me to you because I grew their revenues and trained their staff to be converting rockstars and I can do the same for you.

You were able to shift the culture in our practice and that has made a significant difference in the way my staff is interacting with my patients.   – Armando Soto, MD – Orlando, FL

If you’re ready to “shake things up” in your practice so you once again enjoy it, here’s what we’ll do with our time together:

Your Vision

We’ll start with your vision for your practice so we know where you are, where you’re trying to get to and what your challenges are that are holding you back. You’ll get more clarity than ever because you will get multiple perspectives from me working with hundreds of practices all over the world who have experienced what you are experiencing.

I’ll share with you how they overcame their challenges and moved on to success and you can do the same. These shortcuts will catapult your thinking as well as your revenues.

Key Performance Indicators

We’ll look at your data since the answers are in your numbers. We will identify your key performance indicators and then DROP the rest of the busywork that is pulling you down and draining your resources.

We’ll also identify the gaps costing you time, money, hassle, and sleepless nights so we can address them, fix them, and move on to success. This alone will pay my fees but there’s much more.


You may have the best team in the world but they need ongoing training to promote you as the best choice to your callers. My team will mystery shop your practice to get a feel for how your prospective patients are being handled now and if your staff is able to position you as the best choice and convert the caller to a booked appointment.

You will be provided with the recordings as well as my notes and feedback for improvement on handling each type of call. We can review these calls privately or with your staff during my staff training session.

Do NOT alert staff to this. I need to see where their skills are for training purposes.


Customized Staff Training

What I have found in my years of working with hundreds of practices is that so much money is left on the table when your staff is not trained to close callers to appointments and consultations to paid procedures. My training is guaranteed to increase your conversions in BOTH areas by at least 10% so what it’s worth to you to get 10% more appointments and 10% more booked procedures? Here’s what you can expect:


That’s an extra $420,000 per year when your staff is properly trained. What could you do with that infusion of cash? Pay down debt, plan a memorable family vacation, upgrade your office to attract more affluent patients? The possibilities are endless. So here’s how we’ll do it:

Based on the skill level of your staff we learned from our mystery-shopping, I will then conduct customized, interactive training on the following topics:

Training #1: “How to Turn Your Phone Calls Into Profits”

This training is for all staff who answer your phones (even if they are just back-up staff). The topics will include:

  • 5 phone fixes to be addressed on EVERY call for the best possible outcome 
  • How to strategically ask for the appointment without pushing
  • How to promote YOU, the physician, as the BEST choice, and much more…

Training #2: “Prospect to Patient: How to Get a Patient to a YES”

This training is mainly for you, the physician and the patient care coordinator (although all staff can benefit from it since every step in the patient experience leads to a Yes or a NO. The topics will include:

  • How to frame YOU, the physician, as the best choice BEFORE the consultation
  • How to address price questions and patients who want to negotiate
  • How to professionally “close” the consultation without being pushy and much more

There is an interactive training with a Q&A session so you and your staff understand how to use the strategies so your results improve immediately.

NOTE: We can also do training on 5-Star Customer Service, How to Hire Rock Stars, How to Attract New Patients and How to Hold Staff Accountable.

Your Patients’ Experience

Another focus is on how “the patient” views you through their experience with every facet of your practice because the person trusting you enough to give you their disposable income is what counts more than anything.

We will walk through your processes as a patient would to determine what’s working and what should be tweaked to improve upon the patient experience so they say YES to you, return for more, refer their friends, and give you great reviews. This is where a lot of money is left on the table and my insights here pay my fees and increase your profits with minimal effort.

Your New Patient Attraction and Conversion Blueprint

We will map out a New Patient Attraction and Conversion Blueprint you follow to give you step-by-step clarity of what needs to happen to build a solid foundation of a busy schedule of new and existing patients.

After reviewing your marketing efforts to determine what’s working and what’s not, so you can be sure you are spending wisely to bring in a solid ROI, we’ll then look at your “sales funnel” to be sure your conversion rates are as good as they could be.

This includes everything that happens step-by-step from the time an inquiry comes in from the Internet, social or referrals to ensure you are following up on every lead in a professional and systematic way so they don’t fall through the cracks.

You will now have automatic systems in place to monitor new patient progress through your processes so they convert, refer, and review.

Follow-Up Assessment and Evaluation Report

I will prepare a practice assessment outlining the practice’s strengths, challenges, and strategies for improvements including a checklist to prioritize execution since no good idea counts if it’s not implemented. This will act as your “Playbook” to use now and for years to come.

1-Year Marketing Plan

I will create a tailored marketing plan and follow-up process outlining measurable promotions and timelines to effectively promote your aesthetic services based on my findings. This will get you off the revenue roller coaster because you’ll have a plan to keep a steady stream of patients coming to you predictably.

Too busy to execute? My team can do it for you; however, this practice assessment never obligates you to use my services.

On-Going Phone Support


To help keep you on track after my on-site visit to ensure staff uses new scripting and the to-do gets done, we’ll schedule post weekly strategy calls. We can use our time to answer new questions that come up and also give you additional clarity on topics such as practice building, patient attraction, or staff training. You also get unlimited email and text access to me.

You might be saying is it really worth it to have a professional experienced consultant come in? The answer is in your numbers. What would an extra 10% increase in conversions of calls and consult be worth to you? $420,000? $600,00 More?

And how excited will you be when we find little tweaks that add an extra $100,000 and more to your bottom line?

The truth is my fees are a drop in the bucket for what you get and that’s the truth. How do I know? Because NOBODY has ever said time with me was a waste. Nobody! Other surgeons know this was an investment in their growth.

Just one of Catherine’s strategies has been worth over $100,000 to us this year.
Jerold J. Olson, MD – Tuscan, AZ

60-day Consulting Plan


$7,500 Down

$7,500 at 30 Days

$7,500 at 60 Days



$5,000 Down

$5,000 at 30 Days

$5,000 at 60 Days


*Add an additional $3,500 if you want me to visit your practice LIVE.

You really only have two choices:

Choice #1: You hire me like hundreds of other surgeons have to “see” what they can’t see so they get “unstuck” and on their way to a smooth-running cosmetic practice they enjoy going to every day; or

Choice #2: You continue to live in uncertainty by putting up with stagnant growth, average staff and the frustration of not knowing what else you can do to rise above fierce competition and truly flourish.

Still not sure? Take my quick assessment to see where you’re at in terms of the health of your practice’s future: