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I’m sure you’ve heard that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your patients.  It’s called the Pareto Principle and it works just as well today as it did decades ago.  You want to learn who your top 20% of preferred patients are because they will be the ambassadors of your practice as well a great revenue stream with limited effort.

Go through your database and look for those who have spent more with you, visited most frequently, referred more patients than others or who are very connected in the community.  Now you want to put a “fence” around them to keep them happy, loyal, returning and referring.  How do you that?

You make them part of your exclusive VIP Club.  That means they get extra perks that others don’t (until they, too, prove themselves worthy of your Club).  Give them an official VIP card that allows them things like:  last-minute Botox appointments, free makeover after every treatment so they can go right back to their everyday activities, free monthly peel, you have many options.

The point is you want them to feel very special because they are part of your inner circle.  I promise they will brag to their friends about this VIP treatment and their friends will want to know how to become part of your “private club”.  This club is very similar to the airline frequent flyer clubs.  You have a much different flying experience when you are part of the club – you get on first, there’s plenty of room for your luggage, you get much more leg room, and so on.  It’s a different industry, but the same concepts apply.  People like to be treated special and will invest in that feeling.


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