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Stop Callers from Going to Your Competitors.

Is your phone staff helping or hurting your profits?

Have you ever cringed overhearing your reception stumbling through a phone call and losing it – probably to your competitor who did answer the phone properly? If your staff can’t close the appointment professionally, everything else you do to promote your aesthetic practice will be a waste of time and money.

What is poorly-trained phone staff costing you?

You would be shocked at some of the things your staff is saying to the patients that are making them run the other way. No wonder prospective patients aren’t booking! Most doctors don’t realize just how much money is slipping through their fingers because their team isn’t prepared to handle caller inquiries effectively. The numbers are huge:

  • Lose 1 patient per week worth $2,000 per year* = $104,000
  • Lose 1 patient per ¬ worth $2,000 per year* = $528,000

*The average aesthetic patients spends $2,000-$5,000 per year on aesthetic enhancement

But it’s Not Your Staff’s Fault They Are Ineffective — They Need Help!

Fact is your staff may be unknowingly sabotaging your best practice promotion efforts because they don’t have the skills or the training they need to convert callers. Most likely, they are doing their best with the limited skills they have and would do better if they knew better since little tweaks in phone skills can be worth $104,000 to $528,000 to you per year. Every call to your office is an opportunity to either enhance your image that gets the patient through your door or it can be a train wreck waiting to happen. Remember, your staff is your connection with the outside world.

Turn Your Phone Calls into Profits with our 4-Part “Lunch and Learn” Audio Series:


Effective Staff Training doesn’t get any easier or more Affordable than this!

There is nothing quite like this on the market today because not many others have the sales, marketing and aesthetic background I do. And, I don’t know of anyone else giving you small group, real-time staff training like I’m going to give you.

I Will Train Your Staff to Be a Money-Making “Dream Team”

I have 20 years of experience in direct face-to-face selling, combined with more than $65,000 I have invested in conferences, workshops, sales programs, books, tapes and videos to bring these scripting products to you in a way you can easily understand and use in the real world. I was even a receptionist early on in my career and have answered phones at practices I have consulted with for the past decade so I know where the pitfalls and challenges lie.

“Your staff training materials have been worth every penny and then some. We never realized what a difference the right words made. Your materials taught our receptionist how to phrase things properly to be more effective. She sounds more caring and professional and she closes more appointments than ever before.”
~ Gina Whitney, Practice Manager for Daniel Leeman, MD

“My staff and I enjoy your scripting materials. I caught my receptionist using one of the lines you teach to snag a prospective Botox patient who was there to have her son seen for acne. Thank you for your excellent ideas.”
~ Renee Glover, MD

“Catherine gave my staff excellent training on how to convert callers to appointments. She showed my staff how instrumental they are in growing my practice and gave them excellent tips on how to market me better. I highly recommend Catherine if you want to save time, money and hassle trying to figure this out for yourself. It’s well worth the investment.”
~ Vishal Kapoor, MD

Way Cheaper and More Effective Than Out-of-Office Training Seminars

To get this information on your own, you would have to send your staff to training conferences, pay their registration, hotel, air, food and time away from the office for a one-time event.

  • No travel expenses
  • No conference fees
  • No interruption in service since staff learns at lunchtime
  • Ongoing staff training materials at your fingertips
  • No outside distractions – Easy implementation
  • Back-up materials for future reference
  • Mystery Shopping and Certification Here’s what you get:

    • (4) 30-Minute Lunch-n-Learn Live Calls with me and my staff role playing
    • Handouts to be used during each call to refer to now and in the future
    • Exercises to be completed to solidify the strategies
    • Caller Tracking Form to use as helpful practice tool
    • Certificate of completion to “frame and hang”
    • Playback audio CDs for continual on-going staff training

The beauty of this system is that you will own this forever! Keep the audio replays handy so anytime you need a refresher or a new staff member comes on board, you can simply hand over the links and they’ll be up to speed on exactly what you expect them to say in each situation.

Don’t let weak phone skills lose callers to your competitors

I promise you – your staff will be more effective and convert more callers to appointments if you give them the tools they need to bond with and convert these high-value prospective patients.

Do not lose these callers to your competitors – let me train your staff to convert!



Give your staff the words and strategies they need to turn your prospective patients into loyal, profitable patients — guaranteed! Your staff can be an overhead expense to you or they can be revenue-generating assets to you — it’s your choice.  Risk Free. Guaranteed.