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Learn why SEO, social media and a great website matter when it comes to plastic surgery online marketing. Where should you spend your money when advertising online? With so many options available, learn how to effectively use the Internet so your marketing efforts pay off! These articles provide advice on how to better your online presence, and how to take your website to the next level. Instead of just having a website with basic information, I teach you how to turn it into a converting tool which can easily increase your revenues. In addition to your website and Google presence, I also give you tips and strategies to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns. I can help your practice make the most out of online advertising with lots of tried and true methods that have worked for other cosmetic surgery practices! You don’t want to miss these articles if you’re new to online marketing, or if you just need advice on how to step up your current game plan.

The COMPLETE Cosmetic Patient Flow Plan

If you are wondering HOW to attract new cosmetic patients to your practice and nothing you are doing is working like you want it to, this will give you clarity about what’s going on and how you can adapt to [...]

Plastic Surgery Smart Marketing Strategies It takes smart marketing strategies to get the right cosmetic patients hungry for your services. Because as a plastic surgeon, you thrive on attracting new patients to your practice since you need a steady stream of cash-paying patients [...]

Plastic Surgery Emails Get Spammed

Plastic Surgery emails are spammed and the plastic surgery practice doesn't know it. They are regularly sending emails with special announcements, promotions and invites. So they think they are staying in touch with their plastic surgery patients. But what they [...]

How to Get a Handle on Social Media

Ask Catherine: Dear Catherine, A majority of my staff are under 30 and they were constantly on their cell phones and work computers “connecting” on social media and it was driving me nuts. It was distracting them from focusing on [...]

3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results

Ask Catherine This Week’s Topic: 3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results Your cosmetic patients are getting dozens, if not hundreds, of other emails every day. They are constantly being asked to start a free trial, buy something or follow someone [...]

Want a High-Converting Website?

Have you ever wondered which Aesthetic Practice Websites convert best, and what they’re doing right? Many people immediately name Amazon as one of the highest converting sites based on the sheer variety alone and the volume of products it ships. [...]

Should You “Go Mobile” – Or Not Yet?

You might have heard about "Mobile Apps for Aesthetic Practices". Recently there has been a lot of hype around this subject. Some doctors claim that Mobile Apps have increased their revenues by 23%. Is it true? Do YOU have to go [...]

The Best Social Media Site for Your Practice

Everyone wants to know the quick answer to, "Which is the best social media site for me to advertise?" There is truly no one answer to this question because this is largely dependent on how you want to advertise your [...]

How Well Does Social Media Advertising Work?

You may have noticed that traditional advertising, as a way to advertise your cosmetic surgery practice, is dying.  If you've always done newspaper, TV, radio  or magazine ads you may have noticed a decline in response over the last few [...]