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If you buy anything at Nordstrom, you know that if anything goes wrong with it or you are unhappy in any way, they will take it back…no questions asked.

In fact, Nordstrom’s guarantee is what built their business. The confidence of knowing that they will take back anything (even if you didn’t buy from them) is what sets your mind at ease buying from Nordstrom’s. And, they are definitely not the cheapest place in town.

So the better you remove the risk, the more consultations you will convert because you are lowering the hurdle of entry for the cosmetic patient.

There is an interesting psychological factor with humans. They want you to be more at risk than they are. Cosmetic patients are scared of making the wrong decision (especially when it comes to their appearance).  And if you overcome that concern, you are well ahead of any other surgeon in your market.


But transferring the risk from the patient’s shoulders to yours is a very touchy subject.
Most surgeons think they will go broke if they offer some sort of guarantee.

But think about this for a moment: If a patient came back to you after a procedure and was so livid and upset by the results she/he got, wouldn’t you refund their money? Or at least perform another procedure at no charge?

Of course you would. So if you would do it anyway, why not get credit for it?!?

Most surgeons are scared to give guarantees because they think their patients will take advantage of them. Well, it will happen on occasion. But most cosmetic patients are honest and ethical. And those patients that take advantage of you, would have done the same thing even if didn’t have a guarantee.

Start out easy. You could offer a conditional guarantee.
Let’s say you have a patient paid up for 4 treatments of some ongoing service (lasers, peels, etc.) and you tell them:

“That if after the second treatment your skin does not look years younger,
you can ask for their money back.”

This way your patients can’t keep using your services forever and then ask for a refund.

A Few Particulars About Risk Transference

  1. Be definite. Don’t just say “our services are guaranteed.”

Take time to show your patients what results they should expect. Walk them through it and carefully explain and educate them on the benefits and protection you offer. Here is a sample script:

“If you don’t look at yourself in the mirror and look years younger and feel more confident and secure after this procedure, then I want you to come back and ask for a refund or I will redo the procedure at no cost, your choice. That’s how strongly I believe this will work for you.”

  1. Make your guarantee for the longest time period possible.

Since cosmetic results can take months for permanent results, make sure the patient is aware of the time frame. Interestingly, the longer you make your guarantee, the lower the amount of refunds. This is because people are forgetful and lazy (use human nature to your advantage).

Take A Look at The Numbers After Risk Transference

When a practice begins assuming the risk for the patient it is not uncommon to see double or triple the amount of scheduled procedures for you.

With those kinds of numbers it makes the handful of people who take you up on your guarantee well worth it. You will have a whole lot more cosmetic patients use your services because of this unique feature (It’s very hard to find a surgeon who uses guarantees).

Look, if you are confident in your abilities (like I know you are) then patients should be getting the results and outcomes they want. State your guarantee in the strongest possible, legally permissible terms.

As prospective patients are weighing their options and comparing surgeons, think about the difference your guarantee will make in their minds. If you want to help propel uncertain patients “off the fence” this will do it. Also, do you see how offering guarantees lets you charge more for your services?


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