Marketing to Aesthetic Patients in Tough Times

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There is still much you can to help keep your own aesthetic profits consistent while our economy corrects itself.

For starters, this is not the perfect time to fish for new aesthetic patients. It will take much more time, money and effort to attract total strangers to your practice.  These people don’t know you so it would take expensive repetition and effort to get them to spend their disposable income with you rather than with someone they already know.  Or, not spend any money right now.

This is the perfect time for you to go inward and concentrate on your low-hanging fruit. The patients, who already know, like and trust you are much more likely to respond to your marketing efforts.   If you have been ignoring the very patients who could sustain your practice during this shaky time, you better start communicating with them before they drift off to your competitor.

Marketing to Your Current Aesthetic Patients

Be smart about your internal communications.  Start with your more mature, affluent patients. They have the most need and wherewithal to actually want and pay for your services.  They have been on the planet longer and are now showing signs of aging – wrinkles, folds, fat, droopy body parts and sagging skin.  They also are more likely to have the financial means to afford your services.  Perhaps they are married and a homeowner and have built up a nice nest egg for rejuvenation.

It would behoove you to invite them to your in-house seminar to discuss new solutions to crepe skin and sun damage.  Send them fun, themed postcards with a special offer to try a new service they haven’t yet experienced.  And, inform them of anything new in your office they should check out such as new technology or new staff.  Bottom line – educate these more mature patients on what they can do to turn back the clock easily and quickly.

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Article by Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice and President, Cosmetic Image Marketing

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