The ONE Marketing Strategy Every Aesthetic Physician Should Be Using

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How do you develop a continual relationship with your aesthetic patients, remind them of your products and services, substantially increase their spending with you and increase referrals?

Answer:  A well-written, direct-response patient newsletter that gets read and acted on!

Now before you slam that door shut and scream it’s too expensive, it’s too much work, it doesn’t help or whatever – hear me out.  Because all of those objections are true IF you don’t do it right.

As I always say – you are not selling aesthetics – you are educating patients about the possibilities. Newsletters work so well because they tend to be read as informational.  That makes them more welcome when they are received.  Patients also tend to be more receptive to what you have to say in your newsletter because they aren’t meant to be sales tools.  They are designed to be a resource of information.  That means your patients will be less resistant to reading information.

Who to send your patient newsletter to?  Most practices only communicate with their current patients but they are missing out on a huge untapped profit stream from their past patients they haven’t seen for awhile and prospects who contacted them but then never booked.  Many of these patients just weren’t ready but now they are.  Life changes and minds change.

Your newsletter can be used as your practice brochure much more effectively.  It’s newsy, personal and friendly so patients and prospective patients will “hear” you more than if you use an obvious sales tool such as marketing collateral.  Here are ways to use your newsletters that will put money in your pocket:

  • Include  them in your patient information packets
  • Hand them out at events
  • Give them to strategic alliances to pass out to their customers
  • Pass them out at community events and fundraisers you participate in
  • Post a pdf copy on your practice website

What should be in your newsletter?  This is where most doctors fall short.  They want to talk all about them and their practice.  While the patients certainly want to learn more about what’s new with you and your practice, they are also acutely interested in the world of aesthetic enhancement and other fun and interesting stuff to help them look good and feel younger.  Your patients also want to be entertained so here are the components to include in a good patient newsletter:

  • welcome remarks from doctor
  • patient profile:  their story, their result, photos and testimonial
  • fun facts about the doctor
  • interesting stuff about new technologies and procedures
  • what’s new in your office and your staff
  • interactive component such as quiz or contest and humorous cartoon
  • special offers so they call now

This type of newsletter gets responded to and gets passed around to friends, family and colleagues.  But know that it takes 3-6 months for your newsletter to show substantial results and most offices do it one time and give up because it was a hassle or expensive or the phone didn’t ring off the hook.

If you would trust the in the process, your patient newsletter can be the pinnacle component to attracting new patients, keeping current patients loyal and creating a buzz to increase referrals.

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