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I recently flew to Paris to meet about turning my books and products into French so we’ll see how that develops.

Since I’ve traveled abroad before, I know their version of “luxury hotel” and mine can be a few stars off so I didn’t take any chances.  I booked a room at the Intercontinental Hotel near the Champs Elysees so I knew I would be comfortable.

I was not disappointed.  Although their rooms tend to be much smaller than in the US, it was the perfect location and the bed was lovely.

But here’s something funny.  The hotel knew I was coming in from the States because they had my California address so they left this nice note but when I opened it – it was in French!  The message was completely lost on me because I don’t know a stick of French but I’m assuming they were welcoming me – I will never know.

The point I’m making is to be sure your message is clearly understood by your patients.  Don’t use big words or medical jargon your patients may not understand and are too embarrassed to ask you to clarify.  And be sure to proof your message, since one word can throw off the entire meaning.



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