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Have you ever spent a lot of money on mass advertising like newspapers, magazines, radio and TV and not been happy with your results? There was and is an art to it but that’s quickly becoming mute since media is dramatically changing.

Aesthetic patients no longer flock to their local newspaper, their local news station and their favorite radio station for news.  Thanks to media fragmentation, your aesthetic patients now have hundreds and thousands of choices where to go for information.

How in the world can you reach new patients when they are EVERYWHERE – and Nowhere?

They jump from website to website, TV to cable, radio to satellite, magazines to etc.  You do not have enough time, money and patience to be everywhere these patients are so you must be much more strategic in today’s divisive media world.

Direct Mail Makes a Come-Back
Direct Mail is fast becoming the cheaper way to communicate with your patients in a personal way that will get a better response than an impersonal ad or a mention in a magazine.

For the price of an envelope and stamp, you can get your patient’s undivided attention (for at least 5 seconds) when she is rifling through her pile of mail.  You simply cannot get that kind of 1-on-1 attention anywhere else.

Hot Button Times to Communicate with Aesthetic Patients
There are certain times of the year your aesthetic patients will most want to hear from you.  They are most likely to want to do something special for themselves during these times so use these as opportunities to reach out in a personal way to help them celebrate.


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