Even Men Are Getting in On the Cosmetic Surgery Action, Part 1

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A growing number of men are realizing the value of looking good, being fit and staying competitive.  They are turning to cosmetic surgery for a youthful appearance that’s increasingly important in all areas of life today.

One of these areas is relationships, where pressure is mounting for men to be attractive.  Men are competitive by nature, and looking their best is now becoming one way to stay sexually competitive.

Equality of the sexes is redefining what others are willing to accept.  Women want more from men than they did in the past.  They are looking for fulfillment, not just a paycheck from a man.  Because women now make their own money, they’re no longer settling for less.

Not all men are alike.  Depending on their stage in life, they’ll have different reasons for considering aesthetic enhancement.  For example:

  • -Some young men are dating for the first time and would feel more confident without big ears or breasts.
  • -Some married men want to stay attractive to their spouse, especially if she takes pride in her own looks.
  • -Some men are divorced and need confidence to start dating again.
  • -Some men have long been single, like it this way, and want to hang onto their looks for years to come.
  • -Gay men are looking to attract other gay men.

All of these scenarios lead men to seek aesthetic enhancement, to rejuvenate, repair or remove unwanted features of their face and body.

Not long ago, old age meant wisdom and respect. The younger looked up to the older for guidance.  Now, however, it can feel more like a death sentence to look old.

Men are under more pressure to look and perform better. Attitudes are shifting quickly.  As rules have changed, men have come to realize the same social pressures as women to look their best.  Society has become obsessed with youth, vitality, health and winning.

As such, times are changing, and men are evolving.


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