Even Men Are Getting in On the Cosmetic Surgery Action, Part 2

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More and more men these days are turning to cosmetic surgery.  The value of looking good, being fit and staying competitive has increased all the more.  As such, men are reaching for a youthful appearance that’s increasingly important in their lives today.

Vanity lives for both genders.

Today’s men are more multi-faceted than ever. They can drink beer and watch football on weekends, but never miss their weekly massage.

They can be a man’s man, but would not miss their Botox treatment or hair appointment.

They may still buy a year’s worth of clothes all at once, while slipping into the surgeon’s office for liposuction on their bellies and love handles.

Image-conscious men want to live longer and look good doing so. They’re focused on lifestyle and they want to be happier.  The bottom line:  They want to feel good about themselves.

Whether people admit it or not, looking good brings opportunity.  Everything affects others’ impressions, and this determines success in many areas, including work and social life.

Men are discovering that looking their best will help them excel in business.  Increased self confidence will give them the edge to compete for promotions, raises and job security.

Times are changing, and men are evolving.


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