Even Men Are Getting in On the Cosmetic Surgery Action, Part 3

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More and more men these days are turning to cosmetic surgery.  The value of looking good, being fit and staying competitive has increased all the more.

Thanks to the media, society now believes everyone must be young, smart, fit, rich and good looking.  This is causing angst among some men, similar to that which women have felt for a long time.

Marketers today are targeting men for beauty and grooming products like never before.  The fact that men want a youthful appearance just like a woman does, now carries far less of a stigma.

Male celebrities having plastic surgery also helps to understand and accept it.  People have drifted away from the shame and secrecy associated with plastic surgery, toward the status it portrays. Tom Cruise’s rhinoplasty and Michael Douglas’ facelift are just two examples of actors openly admitting to plastic surgery.  Although other actors have had cosmetic procedures, most have not admitted to it.  Much of society today feels that if celebrities have plastic surgery, it must be the right thing to do. It sparks male envy to keep up.

This can also lead to male narcissism. Men now have the products, time and money to be infatuated with their appearance and lifestyle.  It is hard to determine whether men demanded these new products or if marketers persuaded men they needed to be more concerned with their appearance. Regardless, marketers are taking advantage of this growing demographic. The reasons should not be a surprise:  money and revenue.

Men, just like women, seek youth through a vast array of wrinkle creams, cosmetics and other skin care products. Some use hair dye to cover hints of gray, and teeth whitener products to brighten their smiles.  Others depend on vitamins and supplements as the elixirs of anti-aging.  Still others take more extreme measures such as plastic surgery, striving to turn back time and remain forever young.  Both men and women are turning toward cosmetic surgery and Botox as the solution to aging. Women have received much more negative press for undergoing plastic surgery than men have.  Marketers promise their products and services will eliminate unpleasant features.  Therefore, men and women are more than willing to use these items for the status symbol of youth.

Times are changing, and men are evolving.


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