Should You “Go Mobile” – Or Not Yet?

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You might have heard about “Mobile Apps for Aesthetic Practices”.

Recently there has been a lot of hype around this subject. Some doctors claim that Mobile Apps have increased their revenues by 23%.

Is it true?

Do YOU have to go mobile, too?

In this blog post we will talk about hard facts around mobile apps and discuss whether you should look into Mobile Apps or not yet.

Fact 1: Between 61% and 76% of your patients have Smartphones

According to “Nielsen Mobile Insights”, between 61% and 76% of your patients have smartphones (see statistic below). You will notice that the Smartphone penetration is very high for consumers with and income of more than $100,000 – YOUR market.

Fact 2: Without Mobile Presence, Your Online and Off-line Marketing Dollars are Wasted

71 percent of smartphone users that see TV, press or online ad, do a mobile search for more information (Source: If your patients see ANY of your marketing, 3 out of 4 will look you up on their Smartphone.

Two questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Will they find you?
  • What will they see?

According to more than 79% of all websites are not mobile optimized!

Fact 3: Your Patients Use Their Smartphone to Shop

79 percent of smartphone users use their smartphones to help with shopping. And mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year according to Google.

But what’s even more important: 1 in 3 mobile searches are local. And after looking up a local business on their smartphone, 61 percent of users called the business and 59 percent visited!

Fact 4: Your Patients Love Apps

Smartphone users are downloading apps like crazy. And even though there’s a sea of apps, on average each app is being downloaded 22,222 times.

What does this mean for you? – If you have an app and make it available through the Apple Store or Android, you could expect thousands of downloads for your app, especially if you let your patients know through your existing marketing that you have an app.

Fact 5: Your Patients Are Active On Social Networking

76% of Smartphone users participate in social networking, especially Facebook.

The most shocking statistic: Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times per day! (source: Smartphone users like to know what their friends do. And 50% of all Facebook users have more than 100 friends. In fact, the average number of friend on facebook is 190! (source:

What does that mean for you? – If you can convince your patients to share one of your offers on facebook, then several dozens of their friends will see it. And a few of them might share your offer with THEIR friends.

And that’s how YOU can go viral – and become famous, without investing ANY marketing dollars.


Is the hype around mobile apps fact or fiction?

Take a look at the facts above and you will realize that NOW is the time to go mobile to increase your revenues and become a celebrity – before your competitors do.

What do YOU think? – Leave a comment below.

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