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Very Special Offer

Your Own Customized Mother’s Day Mailing


Here is a cosmetic patient strategy proven to at least DOUBLE your revenues next month…Guaranteed or your Money Back!mothers-day-with-note

It’s a customized heartfelt gorgeous Mother’s Day greeting card that shows your patients how much you care about them. This, in turn, prompts them to return and refer their friends.

It works because Mother’s Day is the perfect time for your patients to do something special for themselves (since so much of their time, money and energy goes to their family the rest of the year).

Here are results other cosmetic practices have gotten:

“I have known Catherine for years and she delivers. We made a single investment of $2,500. Catherine put together a classy snail mail (with metrics) that brought in 67 calls, 56 injections and several surgeries for a total gross income of $72,000. That is a 2,880% return on our investment.”

Thomas Funcik, MD
“I just want to let you know how successful your Mother’s Day promotion was and how delighted my office and myself were with the outcome. We saw over $22,000.00 in increase business with the promotion. The patients were excited about the offers and of course we were extremely satisfied with the results. Thank-you again for your creativity and personalized support. My office and I can’t wait until your next revenue generating idea.”

“Catherine’s special patient mailing brought in $28,000 that included (4) surgical procedures. I am pleased.”
Doctor Verne WeisbergVerne Weisberg, MD

And, here’s the best part….All the work is done for you:

  • We will write compelling copy to get your phones ringing.
  • Include gift cards for minimally-invasive procedures and surgery (optional).
  • Add your logo, photo and signature to personalize your message.
  • Address, add First Class postage and mail to ensure it gets delivered.
  • Track your results for you using a special tracking number.

Simply Click on the quantity of patients you want to send to:

Free Bonus

And, when you ORDER NOW…..You get a
FREE accompanying follow-up Email and
Facebook Banner to reach even more of your current,
as well as new cosmetic patients.

The more you send, the more revenues you’ll make!

The more you send, the more revenues you’ll make.

Important Deadline Date

But we have a Deadline Date of April 12th to get this to the printer so they have time to print, fold, tab, address and mail. This is crucial since your patients need to receive at just the right emotional time for them to respond.

Order now so you don’t miss the dealine of April 12th.
Simply pick the quantity you want and we’ll do the rest

The more you send, the more revenues you’ll make.

Patient Attraction Guarantee

You have nothing to lose and everything to win:
Happy Patients. Referrals. More Revenue.

I guarantee it –

Catherine Maley

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