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It would be a great idea to analyze your results for 2012 before you jump into the New Year. You might get some eye-opening data. Run the numbers to determine important trends in your practice such as demographics, popular procedures and products and marketing/advertising results.

Hopefully you have a good computer system that can easily provide reports to tell you:

– Number of new patients
– Average order size per patient
– Revenue streams broken down by procedure, treatment, product
– Return of investment (ROI) for each promotional effort
– Word-of-mouth referrals

Then be sure to keep great records again this year so you can compare this year’s numbers with last year’s because these numbers are either getting better or worse but definitely not the same. Better yet, compare month by month and quarter by quarter so you can change course mid-year if you need to. The answers are in your numbers!

Happy New Year!

happy new year


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