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What you DON’T KNOW is costing you patients and profits but you can’t see it because they are “silent revenue killers”. Quietly costing you a fortune and adding to your frustration of growing a cosmetic surgery practice.

Discover what the most successful cosmetic surgery practices do to stay on top. You can do the same. It’s not that difficult.

If you’re not where you want to be, that simply means you don’t know something.

That is about to change because…

Too Many Challenges Are Affecting Your Revenues!

You have a lot working against you to build a busy AND profitable cosmetic surgery practice in today’s crazy competitive world.

It’s not just the relentless competition surrounding you at every turn.

It’s also the advancements in technology that make patients hold off on surgery, assuming the latest injectable or laser will do the trick.

And it’s the fickle consumer patients who KNOW they have many choices so they come ready to negotiate with you.

Not to mention google rules changing daily so you no longer see your practice show up on the first page of the search rankings because google does not consider you an “Authority Site” …. whatever that means.

And, then there’s confusing social media. If its the cutting edge tactic to new patients, why can’t you see how it’s making you money? You only see how much time your staff is clocking in to “socialize” with strangers you are never going to meet. UGH!

But it’s not your fault!

How the heck are you supposed to deal with all of these changes
AND run a practice?

Nobody ever mentioned any of THIS in medical school (heck, it might not have been around then).

If you can relate to this, then I have a solution.



What You Need to Know to Succeed:

  • Attract more profitable patients without spending another dime on advertising
  • Easy ways to get 3 more surgeries per month ….on auto-pilot
  • Turn Your Staff Into Revenue-Making machines rather than costly overhead
  • Be the BEST CHOICE Over Your Competitors and a whole lot more.

BEFORE Learning

AFTER Learning

100 Calls/Month
50 Appointments
40 Actually Showed Up
10 Said Yes to $5K Procedure
Total Revenue = $50,000
110 Calls/Month
55 Appointments
50 Actually Showed Up
17 Said Yes to $5K Procedure
Total Revenue = $85,000

That’s an extra $420,000 Per Year because you improved in every step of the process that makes the most financial impact

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What Others Say About More Patients Academy….

These learning modules are for surgeons, administrators, office managers, patient coordinators, receptionist, marketing staff and anyone working for you to help your practice grow.

“Our practice went from a painful 50% no show rate to a remarkable 85% show rate. Even more impressive was our close ratio – from 35% to 80% and still increasing. We would recommend Catherine’s trainings to any practice that’s looking to not only increase their profits today, but sustain a healthy flow of income for many years to come.”

Sam Assassa, MD , Beverly Hills Aesthetics.

“More Patients Academy has been well worth the cost. We purchased the program specifically to provide staff training while Dr. Millard is out of the office. I also plan to use it for new employees. It is a cost effective way to provide on-going training without having to travel to meetings. In the first module, we had several ideas for things that we could immediately implement in order improve conversion rates and distinguish ourselves from our competitors. I highly recommend this investment in your practice.”

Paula Millard, Millard Plastic Surgery Center Practice.

“Catherine was so helpful to me in learning how to be the best coordinator I could be when I joined this busy cosmetic practice. Thanks to her training, I increased my knowledge, used her strategies and my conversions went up enough to now be labeled, “The Converting Super Star” in our practice.”

Stephanie Deswert – Patient Coordinator, Berks Plastic Surgery.

More Patients Academy

Easy Online Learning Modules… Anytime…Anywhere

You’re About to Learn the Insider Strategies
to Setting Up a Steady Stream of Cash-Paying Cosmetic Patients,
Transform Your Staff Into a Team of Rock Stars,
Differentiate So You DON’T Compete on Price,
All While Building a Profitable Cosmetic Surgery Practice You Enjoy Going to Every Day!

Everything You Need to Rise Above Your Competitors

  • 16 Powerful Learning Modules
  • Power Point Slides for Each Module
  • Scripts, Samples, Graphics
  • Watch these anytime, anywhere for new practice-building strategies and ongoing staff training. Print these out and follow along for a peak learning experience. You get the exact scripts, strategies and graphics to “Swipe and Deploy” for your own use

How to Dramatically Improve Your Email Results

Use proven creative design and compelling copy to get your emails opened and acted on.

How To Comfortably Convert Consultations

Your coordinator gets the scripts, strategies and tools to skillfully convert more consultations.

How Your Staff Can Market You While You’re In Surgery

There is plenty your staff can do to keep revenues flowing when you’re not available.

How To Run a Practice Like a Busines

2) Modules packed with marketing and business strategies to build a sellable asset.

How To Get 5-Star Patient Reviews

Get (10) More 5-Star Online Reviews With (30) Days.

How To Sell Retail Profitably

It Takes More Than Product Knowledge to Sell Retail. Discover the Rest Here.

How To Set Up Reliable Marketing Plan

Discover Step-by-Step How to Set Up Your Own Reliable and Predictable Cosmetic Patient Marketing Plan.

How To Convert Callers to Appointment

Give your receptionist the scripts and tools they need to convert your callers to appointments.

How To Follow Up AFTER the Consult to Convert

They Didn’t Book? No Problem. Proven scripts and strategies to close 20% more of them.

How To Double Your Revenues This Year

Discover easy ways to boost your revenues NOW without adding new staff.

How To Market to ALL Generations

Strategically Market to ALL Generations WITHOUT Going Broke

How To Position Your Physician As the BEST CHOICE

Strategic Strategies to Be Seen As the Best Choice Over Your Competitors.

How To Advertise to Get a Response

No Matter the Marketing Channel, You Must Know These (7) Essentials to Get a Response.

The Best Cosmetic Patient Marketing Plan

The Best Plan is One That Works and Gets Your Proven Results. See for Yourself.

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Strategy Call with Catherine

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Coauthored Social Media for the Health Care Professional with Drs. Neil Baum and Andrew Schneider. Topics include step-by-step for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Blogging


MBA, University of San Francisco

BS, Marketing, Golden Gate University, SF

California Medical Association (CMA), House of Delegates Coordinator

Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS), Staff Coordinator