How a Multi-Million Dollar Practice Becomes Just That

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The multi-million dollar practice becomes just that because they get good at the fundamentals which are to:

  • Attract high-value patients
  • Qualify them to ensure they are a good fit
  • Convert them to procedures, treatments and products
  • Retain them for a lifetime
  • Testimonials – document all the good things they say about you
  • Referrals – continually encourage referrals from other like-minded patients

The successful aesthetic practice realizes every step in the patient’s experience is vital so they spend time, money and resources to train, retrain, enforce, and reinforce never-ending improvement in their staff, in their processes and in their promotional efforts.

They see the value of one patient and do all they can to attract, convert, nurture and retain that patient as well as their friends, family and co-workers.

They most likely are no more skilled than you are in aesthetic medicine; however, they are skilled at patient relations and promotion.  Those skills make the difference between a 6-figure and 7-figure aesthetic practice.


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