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You have a nice office and great staff but the problem is in getting new
prospective patient consults to say yes to surgery.

You may be spending up to an hour with the prospective patient and
then your coordinator spends time with them and they still don’t book.

So, you have a full day of consultations, back-to-back, and do NOT book
surgeries or other big-ticket procedures. What a waste of time and energy!

Plastic surgeons tell me regularly how their consult conversion rate used to
be in the high 70’s but many have fallen to 25-40% so they ask themselves….

“Why aren’t we booking more consults!?!”

To answer that question, the first place I start is with the quality of the
prospective cosmetic surgery patient you are attracting.

Remember that computer term, “garbage in – garbage out” and I don’t mean
anything bad about the patient as a person. I’m only referring to their quality
as a cosmetic surgery patient….big difference.

By that I mean how mentally, physically and financially prepared are they to
move forward with cosmetic surgery?

Don’t you want to know that before you spend your valuable time with them?
If so, here’s what you want to consider BEFORE meeting them:

Where did the new patients come from?

Where a patient came from is your first indication of the quality of that
patient. If they came from their girlfriend or sister who got fantastic results
from you, you are as close to getting a yes as you can be.

If they came from your killer before/after photos and your 5-star online
patient reviews, that’s pretty good too.

However, if they came from the Internet – beware.

The Internet has created short attention spans and click-crazy would-be
patients so it’s tough to get someone’s attention. And even when you do,
you can lose it just as fast when they run across your competitors and now
they vacillate and change their mind.

Did the new patient bond with you before their visit? 

Your coordinator needs to be seen as the patient’s “aesthetic advisor” so they
are comfortable enough to open up to the coordinator and tell them what they
want and why they want it; along with other important personal information.

Several poignant questions need to be asked to help ensure this patient has
the mental and physical health as well as the financial wherewithal to move

Is the new patient informed?

It may feel counter-intuitive but the more informed a cosmetic surgery
prospective patient is at their consultation, the more likely they are to book.

Most surgeons I know like to use their time with the patient educating them
since it helps them bond with the patient; however, that can also work against

While the patient appreciates the information, this could be new to them so
they are going to have the dreaded response….. “I gotta think about it” because
now you gave them food for thought and they need to check it out online to
make sense of it.

A great way to avoid that is to prepare a private page on your Website and
name it your Patient Resource Center.

This page includes a Welcome Video from you telling the patient you’re
excited to meet them and inviting them to check out your FAQ videos
where you personally explain the procedure as well as address the common
objections you get.

This way, the patient is more informed when they meet you and has intelligent
questions to ask you that they have already thought a lot about. So when you
address those, you are that much closer to a yes. You also save a lot of time.

By now, are you seeing how much detail goes into the consultation process?

I can help simplify that for you and your coordinator with my latest work to
help you convert more consultations.

The Converting Club for Patient Coordinators

This is a private club where I train your coordinator(s) to convert more consults
by at least 15%.

You now have the competitive edge when your staff is better trained and more
professional so patients choose you as the BEST CHOICE.

Here’s what The Converting Club includes:

  • Video Library of me personally explaining strategies for each step of the process;
  • Quizzes to help your coordinator retain what they learn
  • Monthly Q&A Calls with Catherine to share
  • Weekly Metrics for accountability
  • Coaching Calls with me to go over metrics and fine-tune the process

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